All The Buzz, No Booze — New York City’s First Sober Bar Opens
Photo Credit: Image via Getty Images

Photo Credit: Image via Getty Images

All The Buzz, No Booze — New York City’s First Sober Bar Opens

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Oct 18, 2022

Non-alcoholic drinks have become a popular alternative in the last few years. Whether it’s wine, cocktails, or beer — there are many options on the market, making it easy to opt-out of drinks with alcohol.  

Bars are offering non-alcoholic drinks, and fortunately, New York City just opened its first sober dive bar. 

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Sober bar experience

Located in the East Village neighborhood of the city, Hekate is a new “elixir lounge” with an entirely alcohol-free drink menu. This means the cocktails, margaritas, beers, etc., are free of booze. 

Owner Abby Ehmann says in a statement, “The motivation to open a sober bar came out of owning a traditional one.” Ehmann has worked in the bar industry for three decades and wanted to curate a space for people to build community while having an alternative to alcohol. 

“The concept behind Hekate is the same as any cool bar — fun events, interesting people, great music, comfortable ambiance — but boozeless. a place anyone could enjoy.”

Could this be a new trend?

There have been other sober bars and alcohol-free bottle shops popping up across the U.S., giving sober patrons a chance to enjoy bar culture without feeling pressured to drink alcohol. 

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