If you’re going through a breakup and in need of something to get your mind off your situation,  there’s a new travel app for the broken-hearted.

Break Tours, designed by a company in Hong Kong, offers experiences and services that will help with heart-healing, soul cleansing, and assist you with embracing the joys of solo travel.

If you’re planning on booking a trip, it’s good to note that the app will not ask you about your travel dates and room preferences.

Instead, the app will ask pre-booking questions, including:

“Imagine a moon now, what shape comes to mind?”

“Anything you wish you had said to your ex?”

“If you receive a call from your ex now, would you take it?”

According to the company’s co-founder Stephen Chung, the app was inspired by the belief that traveling is the best way to get over heartbreak.

“Breakup is hard as changes are hard,” Chung told CNN Travel. “When you stick to your routine, you become very aware of the things missing in your routine. Traveling allows you to break away. It gives you new perspectives.”

Breakup Tours creators say there are three steps to healing – emotional release, trying something new and learning something new. All of the app’s activities are centered around these three steps.

Photo courtesy of Breakup Tours

In addition, users can join different Circles of Travelers who are nearby to help them make friends while they’re abroad, as reported in Travel + Leisure.

The app covers more than 100 cities around the world and is available in English and Chinese, according to Lonely Planet.

The app is available for download on the iPhone and iPad.  More details can be found by clicking here.