Man Booked First Class For Him And His Friend But Paid For Wife To Travel Economy, Sparking Discussions On Social Media
Photo Credit: Planet Nehemiah

Photo Credit: Planet Nehemiah

Man Booked First Class For Him And His Friend But Paid For Wife To Travel Economy, Sparking Discussions On Social Media

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Aug 17, 2022

Friendships are a crucial part of a man’s life. However, it can sometimes lead to unusual situations. As The Sun reported this week, a man decided to book first class for himself and his friends. However, the wife of this good friend was also supposed to be on the same flight, but he chose to buy her seat in economy class.

This situation has sparked controversy online, mainly after the woman found out she would be sitting in the economy class while her husband and his friend enjoyed the first class. She refused to go travel with him.

The whole story about the couple was posted on Reddit. With the caption that reads: AITA for returning home after I found out that my husband booked 1st class for him and his friend while I got economy? Not the A-hole-, she asked for advice and wanted to see if others felt she had acted unreasonably.

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“My husband and I haven’t been on a trip (out of the country) for years. while he goes every year with his best friend. His reasons for going with him is because they both go to attend sporting events,” she wrote on Reddit.

She continued saying that her husband invited her to go with him and his friend since they were visiting a new destination. “He paid for my ticket and everything else since I’m a stay- at- home mom and have no job. the kids were left with my mum. However, when I found out that he had booked 1st class for himself and his friend while I got economy. I just couldn’t hold my tongue,” she explained.

The woman confronted him. She said that, initially, he did not want to discuss with her his intentions. But, soon after, the argument escalated into a heated discussion: “I PAID FOR YOUR TICKET, ISN’T THAT ENOUGH???” the husband yelled.

Crying, the woman told her husband she decided not to travel with him. “He changed his tone and started begging me to just go with what he planned but I declined.”

The controversy over the first class issue on Reddit

But the scene was not over. The woman wrote that the friend of her husband texted her, saying she was the reason why he didn’t want her husband to take her with them, and he just proved his point.

“I did not respond but I blocked him since he’s gotten increasingly rude over the past few months. He (my husband) said I keep crying about being excluded and this is what happens when he finally decides to include me.”

The posts on Reddit about the first class tickets issue have received many comments. Most of them were in favour of the woman.

One user wrote:
“The level of disrespect is astounding.”

Another comment said the acts of her husband were suspicious:
“I almost have a feeling he would make her stay in her own room too while he shared one with his ‘friend’.”

However, one person defended the decision of her husband to buy his friend a first-class seat.

“If he works hard, is a good father and a good husband he can have a little time to himself. You should be able to talk to him that you feel excluded not being first class but in many ways this is special for him and he is including you.”

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