These Major U.S. Airlines Are Banning Emotional Support Animals
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

These Major U.S. Airlines Are Banning Emotional Support Animals

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Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Jan 7, 2021

Over the years we’ve seen and heard of people bringing some insane emotional support animals on to their flight. From peacocks and pigs, to snakes and a pet kangaroo— people have literally flown with all types of animals.

But now that’s changing.

Both American and Alaska Airlines are the first major U.S. airlines to announce a ban on emotional support animals. Beginning Jan. 11, those traveling with a pet will be required to pay extra.

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Trained service dogs are still allowed on the aircraft free of charge, but you will need to complete a government form confirming the dog’s status.

Passengers who already purchased tickets, can fly with a companion animal until Feb. 1 on American Airlines, and Feb. 28 on Alaska Airlines.

It is possible that other major airlines will soon follow suit. With the $125 – $300 fee to cargo hold, or place your pet under a seat, the transportation department estimated the new rule could bring in up to $59.6 million a year in pet fees.

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