Over the years we’ve seen and heard of people bringing some insane emotional support animals on to their flight. From peacocks and pigs, to snakes and a pet kangaroo— people have literally flown with all types of animals.

But now that’s changing.

Both American and Alaska Airlines are the first major U.S. airlines to announce a ban on emotional support animals. Beginning Jan. 11, those traveling with a pet will be required to pay extra.

Photo courtesy by Getty Images

Trained service dogs are still allowed on the aircraft free of charge, but you will need to complete a government form confirming the dog’s status.

Passengers who already purchased tickets, can fly with a companion animal until Feb. 1 on American Airlines, and Feb. 28 on Alaska Airlines.

It is possible that other major airlines will soon follow suit. With the $125 – $300 fee to cargo hold, or place your pet under a seat, the transportation department estimated the new rule could bring in up to $59.6 million a year in pet fees.

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