The New Luxury Airline Taking You Beyond Ordinary to the Maldives
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Beond

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Beond

The New Luxury Airline Taking You Beyond Ordinary to the Maldives

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Jul 25, 2023

The Maldives has always been a sought-after destination for beach lovers seeking glamorous getaways. Now, an innovative airline is preparing to elevate this exotic escape to new heights of opulence and exclusivity.

Meet Beond, pronounced beyond, the airline with a vision to redefine luxury travel with its private jet-like experience. The narrow-body aircraft will feature an all-premium cabin furnished with lavish lie-flat seats that share components with the esteemed Ferrari vehicles.

“We want to do something completely new,” Beond’s chief commercial officer, Sascha Feuerherd, said in an interview with CNN. “We deliberately chose to go for a luxury destination, which is a little paradise by itself, where people travel to relax and spend quality time. [We] want to ensure that they can travel there also in comfort so that they are arriving fully relaxed.”

Beond’s Premium Experiences

Meticulously considering each market, Beond aims to differentiate itself with a premium experience. The airline’s commitment to luxury and comfort is evident in its thoughtfully curated cabin layout. Despite the Airbus A319’s capacity to carry up to 156 passengers, Beond will limit seating to a mere 44. This ensures an intimate and exclusive experience for travelers, without the dreaded middle seats.

Private Jet Feel

The larger Airbus A321, debuting in 2024, will feature 68 spacious seats instead of the typical 220 economy passenger seats. Beond’s two-abreast configuration not only maximizes comfort but also evokes the ambiance of a private jet.

Feuerherd nods to the attention to detail in crafting the ideal seating. “I’m about six feet tall, and so is our CEO, and that was pretty much the size reference we worked with, to avoid getting the feeling that we were slipping out of the bed,” he shared.

Feuerherd continued, “We also very quickly decided that we wanted to have two abreast, because of the nature of our passengers, which is a lot of couples.”

Beond’s ambitious venture follows the trend of taking luxury travel to new levels. With its commitment to providing a private jet-like experience, this groundbreaking airline is poised to allure discerning travelers. As the countdown to its inaugural flight nears, Beond’s new travel service is full steam ahead on redefining dreamlike adventures to the Maldives.

When Will Flight Service Begin?

This unique endeavor will take flight from Malé, beginning in the fall of 2023. Initially, Beond will operate a fleet of Airbus A319 aircraft before upgrading to the larger Airbus A321. Dubai and Delhi are the first two confirmed destinations, however, the airline is strategically choosing its routes to compete against existing airlines.

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