LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B has been granted a 5-star airport terminal rating from SKYTRAX. The esteemed ranking denotes the terminal as the world’s top new airport terminal in the 2023 World Airport Awards.

Terminal B, which opened in 2022, is a 1.3 million square foot facility that provides customers with a top-tier travel experience. The terminal features spacious interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows, inspiring public art installations, and renowned restaurants and shops. Above all, Terminal B boasts an easy and intuitive layout that prioritizes customer convenience and satisfaction.

“Our goal at the Port Authority was to completely transform the customer experience at LaGuardia, from curb to gate, by building a brand-new, world-class airport,” said Rick Cotton, Executive Director of the Port Authority. “Winning this prestigious award and becoming the first North American airport terminal to receive a 5-star rating from Skytrax proves that we have accomplished what many once said was impossible: elevate LaGuardia from worst to best.” 

“This 5-Star Airport Terminal Rating is a fabulous achievement for Terminal B LaGuardia Airport, being just one of 22 airports and terminals worldwide to achieve our highest 5-Star Rating,” said Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted. “This terminal provides an excellent range of passenger facilities, and particular standouts include very good standards of wayfinding and signage, high standards of staff service, and some very nice design and art features. An important requirement that Terminal B fulfills to an excellent standard, is that the terminal has an easy and intuitive layout that offers true convenience to customers.”

Terminal B Improves Airport Experience

In 2022, LaGuardia became the first airport in the world to feature dual sky bridges above active taxiways. The second elevated pedestrian bridge, spanning 482 feet, provides passengers with magnificent views of Manhattan. As such, Terminal B holds the distinction of being highly rated for its user-friendly terminal facilities and exceptional customer experience.

Another highlight of Terminal B is its partnership with the Public Art Fund. The partnership has resulted in a collection of awe-inspiring public art installations throughout the terminal. In the Arrivals and Departures Hall areas, major permanent installations make for a memorable experience for passengers. The works were commissioned by LaGuardia Gateway Partners in collaboration with the Public Art Fund.

On Skytrax’s Airport Rating System

Skytrax, the leading air transport rating organization, has introduced a premier evaluation system for grading airports on their quality standards. The World Airport Star Rating, introduced in 1999, is a prestigious and unique mark of quality achievement. It also serves as a global benchmark of airport excellence. Awards are based on an audit analysis and assessment of each airport’s product and front-line service standards.

The 5-Star Airport Rating is the organization’s most prestigious rating. It recognizes those airports that provide exceptional standards of facilities and staff service to customers across all front-line areas of the airport environment. Skytrax applies ratings for up to 800 customer-facing areas of airport products and services, which spans numerous customer contact points.

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