An unruly female passenger has been kicked off a plane for refusing to sit next to a baby. The incident occurred in February 2018. The plane was about to take off from JFK Airport in New York.  Everything was caught on video, shared and uploaded on June 1 by @lockedinout. The video has gone viral, reaching over 20 million views so far. 

The footage shows the woman saying she would not sit next to the infant while the mother replied that her child would be quiet the entire duration of the flight. 

The situation made other passengers uncomfortable, mainly because the female passenger was screaming at the mother.  A flight attendant then intervened and offered to put the woman on the next flight. The angry female passenger refused the offer, arguing that she was traveling for work, threatening her and demanding the Delta employee tell her name  “I want your name. You may not have a job tomorrow,” the woman said.

At this point, the airline staffer begins the process to have the woman kicked off the plane, saying: “I want this lady off the plane.

When she realised what is happening, the passenger says, “I’ll be quiet now. I’m sorry. I was really stressed out. I’m not screaming,” the woman said. “I’ll be quiet now. Please, OK, I’m sorry, I was really stressed out.”

The person who shared it on TikTok claimed on the video that the woman, who worked for her local council in New York, lost her job after the incident went viral on the internet.

The footage received hundreds of thousands of comments:

One Tiktok user said: “Dear Tabitha, thank you”

Another wrote:”‘ I didn’t hear the baby, I heard her crying'”

Another commented: “ She literally threatened her job and thought she was gonna stay on ??? LMAOOO”

“People are so cruel to mothers who travel with their children,”  another Titok user said.