Introvert and ambivert vacations aren’t the same as extrovert vacays. Extroverts would think of an introvert vacation as a super relaxing vacation, probably in the middle of nowhere. An ambivert is defined as a “person having characteristics of both extrovert and introvert.” While an introvert seeks solitude, an ambivert may just seek quiet time in the presence of others.

Think of places like coffee shops, libraries, museums, and poetry readings. Laid back vibes that don’t involve a ton of interaction. So, clubs and other large social gatherings may not be the best way for introverts or ambiverts to relax.

Even vacations to places like Las Vegas may prove to be too much. Where should ambiverts and introverts go to vacation? Introvert and ambivert vacation destinations look like places with spas, vineyards and maybe even somewhere that if you make too much of a commotion, you could cause an avalanche! 

Kidding about the avalanche, but serious about the more laid back, less social- driven introvert and ambivert vacations below.

Solo Travel
Submitted by Diedre McLeod.

1. Seward, Alaska


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Just below Mount Marathon sits a Cabin on the Cliff, in Seward, Alaska. This super chill seaside town is surrounded by mountains, glaciers and bald eagles.

The townspeople are welcoming and not pushy. Events in town are super low key. Restaurants can be a bit hectic in the summer months, but for those who enjoy a good meal at the bar, Seward has quite a few options.

Enjoy this quaint town’s coffee shops, stores run by locals and restaurants. Apollo will even cook up your freshly caught Alaskan halibut, or sockeye salmon.

Visit Exit Glacier, less than 10 miles from town. Walk the lagoon’s boardwalk and see the deep blue of the cold waters.

2. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


The Galapagos Islands have an array of animals that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Stay at the Finch Bay Hotel, take a tour of the Galapagos to quietly observe the blue footed booby, marine iguana and the Galapagos sea lion; just a few of what the resort calls the, “Big 15”.

The 27 room hotel (6 suites and 21 bay rooms) is small enough to feel alone anytime you want. Or, the entire time if you’d like.

3. Dunsmuir, California


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According to the Mossbrae Hotel, Dunsmuir, “calls to outdoor nomads, seekers of spiritual quests, individualists and is a Mecca for fly fishing purists.”

Spend some of your downtime in this remote town in Northern California to unwind. Hike, fish, mountain bike and spend an afternoon listening to a classical guitarist. This railroad town is your oyster.

4. Highlands, North Carolina

Highlands, North Carolina – A Relais & Chateau property, Old Edwards Inn and Spa is a great getaway for an east coast introvert.

Your eyes are in for a feast, “guestrooms, suites, cottages and estates include hand selected furnishings and antiques, fireplaces, balconies, heated marble bathroom floors, robes and slippers” according to the Maitre de Maison, Richard Delany.

5. Bhutan, Himalayas


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Only open for tourism for 30 years, this gem isn’t a well-known destination. Cliffside Buddhist temples drape the mountainous landscape, which are known to  be inviting of  people who are seeking quiet places to be alone.

Bhutan, Himalayas is surrounded by mountains up to 23,000 feet and is the only negative carbon country in the world.

Any introvert would love Six Senses Bhutan Resort, as they say there it, “will move you – to pause and think.”

6. Paris, France

Eating alone is encouraged and with all of the petit, outdoor cafes, it affords the perfect time to people watch.

Shopping in Paris is also a must- do. And shopping alone is one department introverts excel in.

7. Blue Lagoon, Iceland


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Iceland has a social networking site just for introverts looking for companionship. Whether you come alone, or with someone, you should stay at Blue Lagoon.  The lagoon is giant and is a milky blue.

The hotel’s website states: “Drawn to the surface through geothermal extraction wells, the water emerges enriched with silica, algae, and minerals—the bioactive elements that endow this unique fluid with its healing, rejuvenating, nourishing abilities.”

Feeling like keeping it super private? Rent a lagoon suite and have private access to a piece of the lagoon. Just outside your back porch.