Cabo, Mexico is the perfect destination when you simply need some good old R&R. While most people travel to the beach town for a honeymoon or even a girl’s trip, Cabo is also great for the solo traveler.

Check out these tips on navigating the city alone.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


Getting from Point A to Point B in any place can be a headache, especially abroad. The most expensive fare, outside of your flight and hotel, can be getting from the airport to your accommodation.

Things are no different in Cabo. Most transportation options are marketed to groups. If you happen to be alone, you still have a few options. After doing some research, I found that booking a shared shuttle service to my hotel was the most economical option. I used Cabo Transfers. It was $21 USD for one-way to my hotel in Cabo San Lucas. The price can change depending on what area you are traveling to.

Of course, with a shared shuttle you have to spend some time waiting for other passengers to arrive into the airport as well as for them to be dropped off. If you would prefer to head straight to your hotel, a private car is around $40 one-way.

As far as getting around within Cabo, I highly suggest Uber. Many hotels will offer their own taxi services which can add up. I needed to get to a restaurant that was a 12 minute drive. My hotel wanted to charge me $25 each way, while Uber was less than $5 each way.

Tip: Have cash available and set up the option in your Uber app because Uber Mexico won’t accept Credit cards.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


When traveling to any beach city, the goal is to stay oceanfront. However, that can be expensive for the solo traveler Especially in a place where most oceanfront options are all-inclusive.

I personally stayed at a new hotel, Medano Hotel and Suites, that was only 2-blocks from the beachfront. It was about a 5-7 minute walk. My hotel was very modern with a cute rooftop pool complete with cabanas and pool chairs.

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What was even better, was they offered free breakfast in the price that allowed the option to try 3 different restaurants each morning. I spent around $86 per night plus taxes and fees.

There are several similar options in the Cabo San Lucas area. You can use any travel search engine to find the one that appeals to you.

Tip: Only book hotels that offer breakfast in the price.

Photo courtesy of DeAnna Taylor


You can’t really get around this one. You’re going to need food during your trip. As mentioned above, aim to stay at a hotel that will offer breakfast in their price. Most are the breakfasts are pretty filling and will keep your full most of the day.

You can load up on snacks and drinks from the local convenience stores. Your hotel room will more than likely come with a refrigerator.

As for lunch, I ate at local taco shops. My favorite was a spot called Tacos and Beer located at the marina. Tacos were only around $2 a piece. I had 3 tacos and a handmade lemonade for under $10.

When it came to dinner, this is when I was willing to splurge a little more by treating myself to a meal on the beach.

Tip: Eat cheap for lunch so that you can spluge on your dinner.

Traveling alone doesn’t have to break the bank. Keep these things in mind if you decide to head to Cabo soon.