Want To Move To Portugal? Inside The Black Expat Group Building The Community
Photo Credit: Kamra Clemons

Photo Credit: Kamra Clemons

Want To Move To Portugal? Inside The Black Expat Group Building The Community

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Oct 25, 2021

Kamra Clemons researched for months before making the move to Portugal — Lisbon to be exact.

Portugal is a hot spot for those looking to live abroad, with the latest data showing 900,000 expats living in the Western European country.

Many expats find the move to Portugal attractive because of the lower cost of living combined with the beautiful weather, low maintenance, and culture.

“I wanted to be in an international city with people that look like me, a place that I could assimilate into the culture, and feel at home because I grew up in a very diverse area,” Kamra told Travel Noire in an interview.

Black Expat Portugal
Photo Credit: Kamra Clemons

One of the most useful resources she found when planning her move was connecting with other Black expats who had endured the process before her through social media.

She’s now an administrator for the Black To Portugal Facebook group, where she’s hoping to pay it forward by helping others looking to do the same.

“With the Facebook groups, they have been my saving grace. I’ve been able to post things and ask questions, learn about getting a NIF which is essentially like a social security number in Portugal, and also how to set up a bank account.”

The group, which was originally founded by Cadine Kenton, has grown to nearly 2,000 members people, and it serves as a resource for questions, no matter how big or small in a place that’s growing in popularity for expats and their families.

Topics range from housing, things to bring to Portugal, where to get your hair done, schools, Black-owned businesses and so much more.

Kamra says while nothing is set in stone, the group is working on more networking and social events for Black expats in Portugal.

“We’ve already hosted a barbecue, and we were playing 90s music, had a classic cookout with food, and it really felt like a family reunion.  We plan to do more and in the works of creating events,” she added.

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