Hilton Hotels In Hot Seat After Woman Was Sexually Assaulted By Hotel Worker In 2017
Photo Credit: Alex Green

Photo Credit: Alex Green

Hilton Hotels In Hot Seat After Woman Was Sexually Assaulted By Hotel Worker In 2017

Bernadette Giacomazzo
Bernadette Giacomazzo Nov 11, 2021

Hilton Hotels continue to face legal woes.

A press release put out by the Blizzard Law Firm (who represent the Plaintiff in the case) claims that the civil case is in connection to the 2017 rape of a woman by her co-worker at the Hilton Americas-Houston Hotel in downtown Houston, TX.

During the early morning hours of March 12, 2017, a passerby called 911 when she saw a man exposing himself while standing over an intoxicated and unresponsive woman lying on the ground outside the Hilton. After police arrived, Hilton Hotels security staff heard the man say, “She’s with me.”

And, as it turned out, the woman — whose name is Kathleen Dawson — was not with the man in question. Instead, she was a registered guest at the hotel, and she had her own room.

Despite this, though, one of the workers at the Hilton Hotels propped Dawson up in a wheelchair and wheeled her up to her co-worker’s room. Dawson’s co-worker then sexually assaulted her.

When Dawson went to the to the hospital that evening to have a rape kit examination, there were ten documented injuries to her genital area, including multiple tears and abrasions. She also had bruises on her body, including
symmetrical bruises on her shoulders, a bruise on her wrist, bruise on her ribs, and a bruise on the back of her arm.

But L.J. Williamson, a representative for the Blizzard Law Firm, says that the Hilton Hotels has a defense.

“Hilton has responded by arguing that the non-responsive woman had been seen flirting with other men earlier in the evening, and therefore the encounter with her co-worker was consensual,” Williamson said.

As of this writing, a decision hasn’t been rendered in the case. We will update this post with any developments as this case continues to unfold.

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