With the world at our fingertips via smartphones one would think, why carry a booklet to get around a new city? But actually, pocket guides go much more in-depth. Providing more color to the sites we’re seeing compared to just finding monumental locations to take instagram photos. Most likely, a majority of those “instagrammable” spots have a story behind them which is how they even became popular in the first place. Pocket guides can add more meaning to your travels and give more education to the culture you’re experiencing. Here are five of the best pocket guides for travel on the market.

Berlitz Pocket Guides

The Berlitz brand has a pocket guide for every major city and region in the world. Loaded with sites to see, places to eat, and even daily itineraries to keep your day full of activities.

Wildsam Travel Guides


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For domestic travels, Widsam tells stories of the cities and sights across the United States. With the contributions of local experts, travel writers, and critically acclaimed chefs, from their respective cities. Their guides provide a clever balance of storytelling and facts with an artistic element in their design. After using one of their books, you’re going to want to travel to more cities just so you can collect all their books.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guides


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The award winning series by DK Publishing provides beautiful illustrations, along with maps, and a calendar of events for every city. These books can be found at almost any major book outlet online or in stores.

Rough Guides

Along with the top sites of each city and the lists of places to eat, Rough Guides provide much more cultural insight to the destination you’re going to. They also specialize in giving advice on how to get around town and what customs and traditions to know about for each city.

Marco Polo Pocket Guides


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With over 200 destinations in their catalog, Marco Polo pocket guides provide colorful maps with all the major food and tourist sites. They also have insider tips that recommend how to go on trips within each city or which services to use for one day excursions. Marco Polo pocket guides can also integrate into your phones, for those who really just don’t want to carry a book around at all.