Thanksgiving is shyly three months away, but research from Google says the best time purchase airline tickets and hotel arrangements for the holiday is right now.


The latest research from Google used data sourced from Google Flights, hotel search, and “things to do” typed in its search engine.  With Google Flights, researchers analyzed the minimum prices consumers purchased a flight during holiday dates in 2017.


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If saving money is your goal during the holiday season, the study suggests taking a day or two off at the start of the week after Thanksgiving. The reason, according to the research, is data revealed lower than average prices with a return on Tuesday, Nov. 27th or Wednesday, Nov. 28th.


Google plans to help with holiday travel plans with its new resource tool that shows you whether the price given for a flight is low, typical, or high, based on past flights and information available this year.

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If you are flexible on your dates and destination, the company is also helping travelers find deals on its Explore Map.

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It works by country origins and destinations. For example, you can search for destinations like on the continent “Africa,” then choose specific or flexible dates.  Google Flights will search through thousands of possible destinations and analyze past flight prices. Countries and cities in green means good deals.


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You have your flight plans so now what?

Analysts from Google’s Travel Team said that finding hotels can be tricky during the holiday.  To help travelers, they used data from top hotel destinations last holiday season and compared them to hotel data four weeks prior to the holiday.


Like flights, Google has added a price insights tool for hotels that offers market comparisons, and when lets people know when to book. The tool also offers prices insights to inform consumers on hotel market trends.

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