According to Loop, thousands of Burna Boy fans were left disappointed and outraged in Dominica Saturday night. The Nigerian singer was scheduled to perform at the island’s World Creole Music Festival as the headlining artist.

However, due to unspecified travel issues, the Afrobeats star did not arrive in the country in time.

Colin Piper, Chief Executive Officer of the Discover Dominica Authority, had to break the unfortunate news to the audience.

What went down:

“The international Afro-Beats artist Burna Boy was carded to perform on Saturday, October 29, at the World Creole Music Festival,” he said. “All arrangements had been set in place for the arrival of the artist as well as his family, band and crew. The first party of band members arrived in Dominica on Saturday at mid-day. Burna Boy, his family, and management were scheduled to depart Curaçao this evening on Saturday, October 29.”

“Due to circumstances beyond their control, he was unable to depart Curaçao. The artist is now slated to arrive in Dominica on Sunday, October 30, 2022 and he will now form part of the Sunday night line-up for the World Creole Music Festival. We understand that most patrons were looking forward to this act, therefore, patrons will be able to attend the Sunday night festival at no added cost once they show proof of Saturday night tickets.”

The apology

Piper apologized for the inconvenience but it was little consolation for the angry ticket-holders who had paid to see Burna Boy.

The crowd erupted, and attendees immediately began voicing their discontentment with the situation.

Many have continued to express their disappointment regarding the event on social media. Despite the attempt at rectification, the option presented did not work for everyone.

“What about them people that come Dominica just to see him on Saturday and leave on Sunday because they’re working on Monday? that’s crazy. I guess they will have to stay for Sunday night and not go to work on Monday,” said one attendee.

Some fans upset

“Burna disrespected Dominica,” said another. “He would never have done that in the bigger countries. You know you have to perform in one country you going to another and now disappointing fans. You not new to the game.”

Another person posted: “That’s unprofessional and greed. The artist should make it his priority to be on the island first plane or flight in the morning. With such a grand show as this, he wanted to come in last flight and perform tired. Man, some people just too damn greedy man. He was right there in Tobago what he go Curaçao for? WCMF should just let everyone into the grounds when he performs. Open up the gates. He ain’t that special artist anymore. He’s now a delayed artist.”

Some, more forgiving

Others, however, were more forgiving and even solution-focused, with one suggesting the performance be live-streamed for those patrons unable to make it to Sunday’s show.

“Here’s a suggestion allow the media houses to carry the show live on Sunday to accommodate the people who can’t stay to attend. After all they paid their money. Since the same ticket is being used makes no difference now if it goes live because DFC make their money already.”

“Things happen,” another person rationalized. “Tell me that any one of your flights never been cancelled, for reasons beyond your control. They say he’ll be in Dominica tomorrow, let’s wait and see before bringing out any negative energy. I understand the frustration, but let’s give him a last last before we make him chop breakfast. Shayooo.”

No headliner

The Dominica World Creole Music Festival was not held for the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It finally returned this year, and Burna Boy was supposed to be Saturday’s main act.

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