Thanks to new rules proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration we could be riding in flying taxis by the year 2025. 

Electric Vertical Takeoff And Landing Aircrafts

Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts also known as eVTOL are everything we thought the future would be when it comes to flying taxis. Many eVTOL companies are popping up all over the world due to advances in technology and aviation and the FAA wants to get ahead of it.


Photo Credit: Joby Aviation

The FAA has recently proposed to add the term “powered-lift” alongside regulations for commercial airlines, charters, and air tours. “This powered-lift definitions rule lays the foundation that will allow operators to use powered-lift aircraft,” the agency said in a statement to Reuters.

The FAA is also working on creating a certification program for pilots of the eVTOLs as well as operating requirements. They will begin pushing the proposal for these certifications next year.

Many Companies Are Interested

Airlines and other entities are also awaiting approvals for eVTOL services. They can benefit from aircrafts that can take off and land vertically to ferries and other airports as well as short trips between cities in order to avoid traffic.