Every Sunday is Carnival At Rum Punch Brunch Experience in Atlanta, GA
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: rumpunchbrunch.com

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: rumpunchbrunch.com

Every Sunday is Carnival At Rum Punch Brunch Experience in Atlanta, GA

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For over 20 years Atlanta has been on top of the music scene, giving us countless stars in Hip Hop and R&B music, from Babyface and Usher to Outkast, T.I., 2Chainz, and Future. I’ve never been to a city that had so many nightclubs for Hip Hop and R&B music going on at the same time each day of the week. But in recent years, there’s been a heavy influence of West Indian culture slowly creeping into the fold of Atlanta nightlife and party scene. At the forefront of this movement is the event, Rum Punch Brunch

Andre “Dreggae” Ruddock & Allan Williams

Rum Punch Brunch was founded by two Jamaican immigrants, Allan Williams and Andre “Dreggae” Ruddock of Rockers Unlimited, who went on to finish their studies in Louisiana Tech University and Ruddock in Georgia Southern University. What started as an event among friends and family at a local restaurant with a capacity of 65 people six years ago, has now grown into a weekly party consisting of two to three thousand people in attendance thanks to their partnership with Karl Index and Mouna as well as their team members Karl Injex, Travis McMellion, Ilan McKenzie, and Allan “Boom” Williams. Rum Punch Brunch has become one of the most notable brunch parties in all of the South. Rooted in basement-bashment vibes, Rum Punch Brunch specializes in authentic Caribbean sounds. Reggae, Dancehall, and Soca are the focal points of the event but in its truest form, the event celebrates DJ’s from all over the world that provides the best West Indian music experience you’ve ever witnessed. And not only do they provide reggae and soca sounds, the DJ’s play Afrobeats, Trap, R&B, and Hip Hop as well. No one is left out in this celebration of diversity and culture.

Along with great music, the experience also includes food trucks that sell most of your favorite Jamaican dishes. The venue, Believe Music Hall, is also a major factor to the magic that happens every Sunday. The indoor/outdoor space lets attendees have all the fun inside and then you can walk outside for a little air and some food once you’re done doing all the latest dances with a gang of happy strangers who are all there to have a great time. 

Last but not least, Rum Punch Brunch is free to attend with an early RSVP on their website. Look forward to Rum Punch Brunch coming to a city near you within the next year or so as Sound Table and Rockers Unltd. have big plans for the Rum Punch Brunch brand to go global.

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