Social media makes it easier than ever to share our travel adventures with a broad audience. We post pictures of ourselves living our best lives, whether it’s on the beach in Turks and Caicos, zip-lining in the St. Lucian rain forest or basking in the simple joy of doing nothing.

But traveling the world in one go is a separate beast, one that most probably can’t manage having to work and family responsibilities. Not to mention the financial commitment and logistics. That said, with some careful planning, it can be done.

Whether you want to travel all over the world, or just part of it, here are some tips to prepare.

Save As Much As You Can

Photo by Josh Appel

There’s absolutely no way around this one. How much you need to save depends on where you’re looking to go and for how long.

Thailand and Indonesia are affordable, even if the flights to get out there are anything but. You can eat well and get decent accommodations without breaking the bank.

It’s best to start saving money as soon as possible, and that may mean cutting down on the social engagements. Going out to eat, getting drinks and even ordering take-out can exhaust funds you could be putting towards your travels.

Decide How Many Countries You Want To Visit

Photo by Tachina Lee

What does your globetrotting adventure look like? If you want to focus on Europe, there’s a range.

According to Fox 5 Washington DC, “Switzerland, notoriously, is one of the most expensive countries to visit.”

The UK has no mercy on the wallet either, especially England. 

On the other hand, countries such as Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia offer stunning views and aren’t too pricey.

Visiting Spain and Portugal outside of high season (June to August) can cut down costs. The same applies to France and Italy.


Check A Country's Safety Record

Photo by Serge Van Neck

Some people feel comfortable hopping from country to country without thinking twice. Others might hesitate.

There’s no such thing as a country with a perfect safety record. But some are more  tolerant of certain kinds of people than others.

If you’re a person of color, a woman and/or a member of the LGBT+ community, you might encounter push back if you aren’t careful.

Remember That Transportation Can Add Up

Photo by Tomas Anton Escobar

If you’re traveling through a major city like New York or Paris, mass transit costs can add up quickly. So can Lyft and Uber!

The mistake some people make when visiting New York is they don’t realize just how close most things are. Sure, you could take the shuttle to get between Times Square and Grand Central. But if it’s possible, consider walking. You’ll get to see so much more that way.

The same goes for Paris. Most of it is flat, and if you need a break from the city rush, take advantage of the public parks. Of course, there are the major ones like Jardin du Luxembourg and Tuileries Gardens. But don’t sleep on the smaller, less celebrated green spaces.

Immerse Yourself Instead Of Rushing Between Destinations

Photo by Convertkit

Getting multiple stamps on your passport is a nice flex.

But part of the allure of travel is to immerse yourself in a different way of life. It makes no sense to rush that.

Connecting with locals can also enhance the experience and technology makes it a lot easier to do that.

If there’s a language barrier, apps like Duolingo can teach you a few basic phrases to help you get by.

Tap into those language skills as much as you can and apply them to real life situations. The locals will appreciate it and be more willing to help you.