Did you know that using credit cards can save you major money on travel this summer? Of course, in order to redeem travel rewards, you have to use your credit card, but it’s totally worth it. 

Delaney Simchuk, WalletHub analyst shares advice for getting a credit card with travel benefits. “The best approach when choosing a credit card for travel is to focus on the rewards and fees first because those things will affect your bottom line the most. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to a handful of cards that figure to be the most rewarding in your situation, you can compare their travel benefits and use those features as a tiebreaker,” says Simchuk. 

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WalletHub recently released its 2022 Credit Card Rental Car Insurance and Credit Card Travel Insurance studies. These studies highlight credit card benefits that will save you money when traveling this summer. 

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What the survey found:

Travel insurance is valued more

53% of people surveyed say they value credit card travel insurance more because of the pandemic.

Travel benefits matter

60% of people surveyed say travel benefits are a factor when applying for a new credit card. 

Customer disservice

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About one-third of those surveyed say they don’t find their credit card company’s customer service helpful when traveling.

Simchuk says, “Consumers should confirm they have all the information they need before they leave and notify the card’s issuer in advance, so they won’t have to rely on customer service when traveling.”

Declined transactions while traveling

39% of those surveyed said they’ve experienced declined purchases because of suspected fraud while traveling.

“To minimize the changes of your credit card being declined due to suspected fraud while traveling, notify your credit card company of your travel plans — including destinations and dates — before you depart. Not all credit card companies require this, but it can still be helpful,” says Simchuk.

Travel benefits most desired in credit cards

Insurance for accidents while traveling is the benefits travelers want the most (34%). Trip delay and cancellation insurance is the second most wanted benefit (33%), followed by rental car insurance (23%) and airport lounge access (10%).

Best credit card for rental car insurance

So which card is best for rental car insurance? According to WalletHub, Chase Sapphire Reserve is the best. The card provides rental insurance for up to 31 days worldwide. Vehicle damage from dirt and gravel roads as well as towing charges are included. 

Best credit card for travel insurance

When it comes to the best credit card for travel insurance, Chase Sapphire Preferred ranks the highest. The card covers up to $550k for travel accidents, $3k in lost luggage, $20k for trip cancellations, $500 for delayed trips, and $500 for delayed luggage.

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