Brazil is an incredible destination with so much to see and do. It’s the world’s fifth largest country and it adds extra flair to the rich history and cultural importance of South America.

Everyone knows Brazil is famous for its amazing Carnival festivities. However, the country has much more to offer to visiting travelers that will make them fall in love with its landscape. Here are seven cultural experiences to have before leaving Brazil. 

Cruise The Negro River

Photo credit: Oleksandr P

Flowing through the Amazon Jungle, the Rio Negro is the largest blackwater river in the world. Travelers can explore the beautiful river and the wild terrain that surrounds it through elaborate river cruises. There are plenty of winding creeks to be explored by canals, jungle ground to hike through, and freshwater archipelagos. There’s even a 4-day river cruise for travelers who want to spend extended time sailing the Rio Negro. 

Ball Out In Sao Paulo

Not only is Sao Paulo Brazil’s financial capital, but it’s also where the ballers ball. The city is the country’s nightlife hub and every night is a party. Sao Paulo has over 32 boroughs full of nightlife adventure. For more swankier spots, head over to the Jardin neighborhood. For those looking for samba dance joints and craft beer joints, Vila Madalena and Pinheros are the places to be. The glamorous live and breathe in the charming clubs in Itaim Bibi and Vila Olímpia. Travelers will never run out of nightlife to explore in Sao Paulo.

Eat Fresh Acai

Travelers haven’t truly experienced acai berries until they’ve eaten them in Brazil. The fruit is native to the Amazon Forest. Today, it is grown in the northern state of Para. Locals eat it as a side dish for meals, frozen treats, and a dessert topping. Different cultures throughout the country use the fruit in different ways. However, a trip to Brazil wouldn’t be complete without a taste of acai. 

Tour Rio de Janeiro

Some consider Rio de Janeiro to be the cultural capital of Brazil. The city is overflowing with unique architecture, literary centers, cultural institutions, and music. Brazilian culture and history come alive in Rio de Janeiro. This is a great destination to experience the traditional tourist attractions in Brazil. The country’s contemporary art museum, Christ The Redeemer statue, and the Selarón Steps are all in Rio. 

Check Out The Art In Escadaria Selaron

Photo credit: Bruno Scramgnon

In Rio’s Lapa neighborhood, travelers can experience some of the country’s amazing art and creativity. The area is bohemian and vibrant. There are about 100 colorful decorative steps, known as the Selaron Steps. The steps were originally renovated by artist Jorge Selarón by adding colorful tiles. Over time, visitors began adding their own tiles, creating one of Brazil’s most beloved creative hotspots. 

Hike Through Diamantina National Park

Diamantina National Park is considered one of the most beautiful national parks in Brazil. Adventurous travelers venture here every year. Many seek out the plentiful caves, mountain ranges, and trails to explore while others just take in the views.

Travelers don’t need a guide to explore the park. However, there are tours that are available for those who want a professional explorer along on their journey. 

Dance The Night Away At A Samba Class 

Samba is the traditional dance of Brazil. Before leaving the South American country, travelers have to experience the style of dance in its homeland. The Lapa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro is a great place to take a samba class or just catch locals dancing the night away to live music.