When you pay in advance for food from a four-star airline you should expect it to be the best quality, served hot, maybe with a little flavor, but not dead insects. This wasn’t the case for passenger Nikul Solanki on his recent trip via Vistara Airlines. 

The disgust!

Passenger Solanki recently tweeted about his experience with the food during his flight as he came across a dead cockroach in his meal.

A response from the airline:

Vistara Airlines acknowledged Solanki’s tweet with the following response, “Hello Nikul, all our meals are prepared keeping the highest standards of quality in mind. Please send us your flight details over DM so we can look into the matter and address the issue at the earliest.”

Many tweets online were disgusted with the airlines. Expressing there should be a protocol in place for this to never happen to Vistara Airlines customers. Also some even mentioned their own horrible experiences with the food from the airline as of late.