While many fishing enthusiasts enjoy fishing in their local area, there’s nothing quite like exploring the world’s top fishing destinations. Dreaming about these incredible places is one thing, but planning a fishing adventure is another. To help you get going, consider this list of some of the finest fishing destinations across the globe.


Photo credit: Meritt Thomas

Belize is a paradise destination for fishermen with abundant bonefish, permit, and tarpon. The chances of catching at least one of each in a single day are high. Belize’s extensive flats are home to large schools of bonefish known for their aggressiveness. The primary language in Belize is English and is just a short flight from most southeastern U.S. cities. Many resorts and lodges cater to fishermen; you can find guides from local experts to seasoned pros.

Montauk, New York

Montauk is a fantastic destination for striped bass fishing. When the season is on, you’ll witness bass blitzes near shore, with hundreds of predators chasing schools of bay anchovies. It’s a sight to behold with big bluefish, false albacore, fluke, and weakfish in the mix. The stunning coastal cliffs and lighthouse add to the scenic beauty. The best time to visit is in September and October, but some years, the season may extend into November or December.

Malindi, Kenya

Malindi is a unique destination on Kenya’s central coast where fishermen can aim for a billfish royal slam. The rare fantasy slam includes five different billfish species in a day. In addition, the waters are filled with marlin, sailfish, and other game fish. Offshore charters offer competent and experienced crews. Closer to shore, you can target giant trevally and other reef fish. The Malindi/Watamu area has several accommodations and resorts available.

Key West, Florida

sunrise in Key west on the beach
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Key West, Florida is a dream destination for fishermen. Nestled between the Dry Tortugas, this island offers access to world-class fishing grounds, including blue water, reefs, and flats. Key West has numerous inshore guides and offshore charters. It is also well-equipped with moorage options. The city boasts a vibrant food scene, diverse accommodations, and lively nightlife.


Panama City, Panama
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Panama offers a unique fishing experience with its productive offshore seamounts and rugged coastline. Schools of tuna and mahi patrol iconic seamounts like Zane Grey Bank, offering an exhilarating sight. Inshore, fishermen can target giant trevally, roosterfish, and more. The country is just a short flight from Miami, and the Pacific coast has numerous excellent fishing resorts.

Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island boast the highest odds for landing massive bluefin tuna. Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, these titans are often found near Canadian Maritimes. Fishermen can experience stand-up battles while fishing near the shore. The fishing here is typically within a mile of the port, and the fish are commonly over 800 pounds. Nova Scotia offers a range of options, whether you prefer fighting chairs or a hard-core stand-up challenge. While it’s a catch-and-release fishery, there are limited allowances for keeping one or two fish per season.


beach shore in Bermuda
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Bermuda is renowned for its giant blue marlin and has produced large fish over the years. Beyond marlin, you can target white marlin, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna. Bermuda is a short flight from the East Coast and offers an experienced fleet. Visitors can enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches, diving spots, golf courses, restaurants, and more.

The Bahamas

aerial view of Nassau
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The Bahamas boasts vast flats teeming with bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Grand Bahamas flats and the shallows around Andros, Abaco, and Long Islands offer significant numbers of fish. Fishermen can even encounter tarpon along the west side of Andros. The Bahamas is close to the United States, and English is the primary language. There are numerous fishing lodges and resorts with experienced guides to lead your adventure.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos rock structures in the ocean
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Cabo San Lucas offers easy access to open-ocean pelagics with a short run of just a few miles. The area is known for its bragging-size marlin, dorado, sails, and wahoo, often spotted close to the shore where Pacific Ocean waters meet the Sea of Cortez. Cabo San Lucas is just a short flight from the U.S., allowing fishermen to catch big game without long boat rides.