The timeless Nile River, ancient pyramids, and magnificent temples are familiar mental pictures of a traveler’s experience in Egypt. However, a world of aquatic beauty exists beyond its storied past and desert landscapes. The waters of Egypt offer an unparalleled trip for divers and snorkelers. For travelers who are always looking for new depths to explore, Egypt is the right way to go.

Sharm El Sheikh – A Diver’s Paradise

Located on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh stands as the crown jewel of Egypt’s diving destinations. Sharm El Sheikh is renowned for its unparalleled visibility and thriving marine ecosystems. This coastal haven is also ideal for both novice snorkelers and experienced divers. Here, adventurers can plunge into the soothing waters of the Red Sea and discover a coral reef metropolis.

From majestic manta rays and graceful reef sharks to playful dolphins and bright clownfish, the vivid coral colors set the stage for encounters with various marine species. Visit world-renowned dive spots like Ras Mohammed National Park to see more coral reefs and sheer drop-offs. Travelers can also descend into the depths of the SS Thistlegorm, a World War II wreck filled with marine life. The SS Thistlegorm is rooted in history and offers a unique look into the past.

Hurghada – The Perfect Spot for Discovery

The beachfront city of Hurghada awaits you as you venture further down Egypt’s Red Sea coast. Revel in an exceptional underwater adventure at this lively resort town, which boasts many dive locations suitable for divers of all experience levels.

Next, board a boat to The Giftun Islands, a paradise for snorkelers thanks to its calm waters and reefs. Those with a thirst for adventure can go into locations like Abu Nuhas, sometimes called the “Ship Graveyard,” where several sunken ships lay beneath the water’s surface, each with its own story to tell.

Dahab – Unveiling Underwater Treasures

The little coastal town of Dahab offers unique diving opportunities and a laid-back vibe. This makes it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a less touristic experience. Dahab, situated between towering mountains and the dazzling seas of the Gulf of Aqaba, offers a serene retreat for divers and snorkelers alike.

Soak in the surreal beauty of the Blue Hole, a geological phenomenon that plunges to depths beyond comprehension. The iconic dive site is home to many marine life and coral formations, making for a spectacular underwater excursion.

Marsa Alam – A Hidden Gem

Marsa Alam waits for the daring visitor who wants to escape it all and explore uncharted aquatic worlds. Those searching for peace can find it at this secluded haven off the shore of the southern Red Sea in Egypt. Observe exciting reef fish darting among coral structures and see elegant sea turtles swimming over the blue seas.