Looking for the perfect backpacks for those weekend getaways? Travel Noire’s got you covered! Our dedicated team of travel professionals has searched high and low for the perfect pouch for the most enterprising traveler. And after a careful and thorough review, we’ve come to the conclusion that these provide the most bang for your buck.

How can you go wrong?

With ticket prices climbing up, who wants to pay for a checked bag? If you pack just right, you can get everything you need in a backpack.

No worries, it’s just for the weekend. What possibly could you need? Traveling with all that luggage isn’t cute, ladies and gents.

If you really think about it, you don’t need a bunch of shoes or pants. You can find some shirts or blouses that can be paired with the same pants or shorts.

You are out of town; people don’t know you. (But don’t forget to keep things clean and sanitary; nobody likes being funky, after all!)

So, your outfit is new to everyone that sees you. (Enjoy this time while it lasts, because it won’t be long before you’re back in the rat race trying to keep it fly!)

Check out these perfect backpacks for your weekend getaways. 

Waterproof Outdoor Sports Casual Daypack

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If your weekend getaway has some hiking in it, this is the bag for you. Do you need things to stay dry and not overheated even if the sun is beating down on your back?  No worries this bag is waterproof and has a way of letting the right amount of air in and keeping the heat out. The bag is pretty light but can carry heavy things. Has strong back straps that can support all that you are carrying. The backpack also has cool features such as a USB charging port and an anti theft function that will keep your valuables safe.

LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack

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This bag can be used for your weekend getaway, hiking on your trip, school bookbag, and for business. It has many dividers for your papers, clothes, and personal items that you need while on the move. It also has an anti-theft pocket to hide those items you don’t want in the wrong hands. You can hook up your phone or other electronics to the USB port to keep them charged. This bag is calling your name. Go get it and hit the road.

Weekender Overnight Laptop Backpack

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Organization is key when traveling. For a weekend getaway you want to be set and concise. With this backpack it comes with the 3 packing cubes. That will be a big help with packing and once you get to your destination. You will have everything you need in the right place at all times. It also fits in the overhead compartment or underneath your seat on a plane, so no trying to check a bag and pay extra. Also, with the extra straps on the bag, it can go from a backpack to a suitcase. Listen, you can be a businessman and woman by day and a world traveler by night. The nice smooth look of this back will have you right for multiple needs and functions.

Travel Backpack With USB Charging Port

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This backpack is a must because it has so many different functions that will help with everything you need. From the large size to the many compartments. You can put a 15-inch computer or tablet in it, your clothes and shoes can fit in this bag. Don’t forget about the baby’s diapers and wipes and bottles that have to be ready for the journey ahead. There is a still frame in the bag that will make sure it keeps its shape.

Convertible Tote Daypack

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Who says a  backpack can’t double as a purse as well? This tote makes life much easier with this 2-in-1 daypack. You can throw all your essentials in the bag. It’s waterproof and durable for any situation you run into. It also has a zipper to keep your belongings safe and out of sight. There is also a USB charging port for your phone or other electronic devices. It’s big enough to fit your personal items along with your laptop.


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