This week, the lifestyle-travel brand Away shared on Instagram a sneak peek at their new collection “F.A.R—For All Routes.” This is a different take from their previously acclaimed hard shell suitcases made popular by influencers across the world. Away’s new outdoor travel gear made from 100% recycled polyester is set to launch on June 28th.

Research Inspired Shift

This revamp collection is the first since their public relations nightmare in 2019 that exposed the horrible working conditions for corporate and retail workers. Jen Rubio, CEO and co-founder of Away, attributes this revamp to market research. Rubio states, “During the pandemic, the trend of increasing interest in outdoor travel significantly accelerated. With the insight that over half of travelers expect their post-pandemic trips to be different —including a strong desire to reconnect with nature, adventure, and the outside— we developed F.A.R to enable our customers, both new and existing, to take more types of trips with Away.” With this insight, Away is not only looking to grow its current offering for current customers but also attract new ones.

Intentional Design

The new collection follows the same simplicity and functionality design principles of their previous luggage and bags.  Cuan Hanly, Chief Design Officer of Away. “Our new line, F.A.R, highlights the balance of function, style, and durability combining the same intuitive design and thoughtful features our existing customers have come to know and love while new customers, who may not have considered us in this category, will also appreciate the seamless functionality, inspiring colors and versatility present across all Away products.”

What To Expect

The collection features nine very distinct and flexible shapes that support a variety of outdoor travel. This included duffles, convertible backpacks, totes, backpacks, and a messenger bag.  All styles are available in various colorways including Black, Navy, Green, and White, as well as more saturated colors like Atomic Celery, Red Orange, and Vivid Blue.