For large group trips, it can be difficult to find party-friendly accommodations. Many paint Gen-Z and millennial group travelers as rowdy and disruptive. This has led to many vacation rental companies and hotel brands placing restrictions on the partying that can happen on their property. 

Austin’s newest hotel is standing up for the group traveler and creates a safe space where fun and comfort can reside together. 

In Cahoots With Group Travelers

Inn Cahoots is a multipurpose hotel and venue space designed just for group travelers and their friends. The hotel opened on July 21 on the 1200 block of East 6th Street, joining a slew of businesses, bars, and restaurants in the area. 

The new establishment is so much more than a hotel. According to CultureMap Austin, the city’s newest accommodation has three bars, two outdoor gardens with performance stages, and even a food truck park. The five, multi-bedroom suites are designed specifically for folks traveling in groups. The hotel has the privacy and freedom of an Airbnb with immediate service from hotel staff. 

Austin resident and Inn Cahoots Founder and CEO Kristen Carson was an Airbnb host prior to bringing her hotel idea to life. She’d long seen people attempting to fit major life celebrations into homes in residential communities. Carson wanted to create a place where people could fellowship and have a good time in more welcoming spaces. 

“The idea for Inn Cahoots came from my belief that bachelor and bachelorette parties shouldn’t be held in residential neighborhoods,” said Carson in a release. “I wanted to create a place where these parties and other large groups could have space to have fun while being in an area that would welcome them.”

Open To The Public

The grand opening will be the first time Inn Cahoots will be open to the general public. Folks have booked the venue over the years and the inn has been accepting bookings since 2019 but only via word of mouth. Now, Inn Cahoots is ready to shake up the hospitality industry in a good way. 

“The Inn Cahoots team has worked tirelessly to make this dream come to life,” said COO of Inn Cahoots Michelle Chuang in the release.

One of the main highlights of the hotel is its recreational areas. The three bars are uniquely designed so travelers have options when deciding where their crew will hang out for the night. IYKYK has intense speakeasy vibes with rooftop views. For a classy, intimate experience, guests can check out Bar Mischief. Lastly, hotel management describes the mission of the Austin Garden & Studio as “to maintain and bolster the city’s character and spirit while functioning as a backyard hangout for the community.”

Beginning on July 21, visitors can enjoy three days of grand opening festivities at Inn Cahoots. There will be a pep rally for the Women’s World Cup, live DJ sets, and plenty of giveaways and prizes. Hotel management has future plans to expand the Inn Cahoots brand to Nashville once the Austin location takes off. 

“Whether you’re looking for a cozy cocktail lounge, a cool rooftop speakeasy, or a high-energy bar, we have something for everyone here — and we can’t wait to welcome Austinites to come experience it all,” Chuang said.