Amtrak Introducing New Trains In 2026
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Amtrak

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Amtrak

Amtrak Introducing New Trains In 2026

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Dec 23, 2022

Amtrak refuses to be left behind as the world of transportation changes into fuel-efficient transportation and becomes more time efficient. Last week the railroad company announced they will introduce new trains in 2026. Amtrak also has plans to continue to operate on routes across the country. The new Amtrak Airo trains will feature a modern aesthetic, more space, and panoramic windows. They have also announced they expect the new set of trains to be faster with loads of contemporary amenities.

Amtrak President

“As we invest in the future, Amtrak is leading the way with a new era of rail,” said Amtrak President Roger Harris in a statement shared with Thrillist. “Our new trains will transform the Amtrak experience with significant environmental benefits, a progressive design, and world-class amenities.”

Amtrak Airo Upgrades & Routes

Photo Credit: Amtrak

Expect to see many updates to their current amenities. For example, a newly designed café car will have wider seats, updated lighting, USB ports, and outlets to power devices. In addition, trains will be going at faster speeds, up to 125 miles per hour, making it a quick and comfortable journey for travelers. Amtrak will also upgrade its business class sections, allowing passengers an option to upgrade their ride experiences.

The new Airo trains will run on the following routes:

  • Northeast Regional
  • Empire Service
  • Virginia Services
  • Keystone Service
  • Downeaster
  • Cascades
  • Maple Leaf
  • New Haven/Springfield Service
  • Palmetto
  • Carolinian
  • Pennsylvanian
  • Vermonter
  • Ethan Allen Express
  • Adirondack

Support From Chuck Schumer

“I fought to include over $21 billion for Amtrak in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and I secured over $2.3 billion for Amtrak in FY22 appropriations so that initiatives that benefit passengers like these new trains and improved cabins could go forward,” said Senator Chuck Schumer in a statement. “I am thrilled to see Amtrak stepping up its game for customers with the new Amtrak Airo trains, which will benefit customers throughout the country, including on more than half a dozen New York lines.”

Surprisingly many people ride Amtrak to avoid flying domestically. In some cases riding the train could also be more cost-efficient than taking a plane ride. Or you have more last-minute flexibility on getting a train ticket than an airline ticket.


Amtrak Turns 52 & The Texas Eagle

Photo Credit: Amtrak

Amtrak will officially be 52 years old on May 1, 2023. It was initially composed of 20 privately owned railroads before the Congressional Rail Passenger Service Act was passed in 1971. They are currently serving 46 states and a few new routes in Canada.

What’s impressive is Amtrak’s longest route, called the Texas Eagle. The Texas Eagle train goes from Los Angeles to Chicago through San Antonio. Taking 32 hours from Chicago to San Antonio and then 65 hours from Chicago to Los Angeles.

2026 will be an exciting year for Amtrak and Amtrak passengers. Speed and comfort are at the top of everyone’s list when traveling to different destinations. So it’s great to see an update to a classic and valuable means of transportation in America.

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