With recent news about American Airlines getting rid of its carry-on bag fee this coming September and Delta’s announcement of a new three-course bistro service that includes all customers instead of first class, it seems that major airlines are trying to give more options to passengers flying economy.


To add to the list of amenities and services offered, American Airlines has announced that the carrier will expand its offerings to passengers wishing to upgrade their seats for a fraction of the price when upgrading to Business Class. Starting at just $20, depending on the route, American Airlines will offer Premium Economy seats on international flights, and on selected flights to Hawaii.


According to Skift News, this new main cabin feature aims to elevate the in-flight experience for economy passengers without drastically elevating out-of-pocket costs.


The new service will include spacious seating, wider seats, more legroom, adjustable head and foot rests, and extra recline. According to Skift, passengers who upgrade will also receive complimentary beer, wine, and spirits and amenity kits. Other benefits will include Wi-Fi capabilities and an entertainment library offering hundreds of free movies, TV shows, music selections, and games.


This is the airlines’ second major announcement for customers flying economy. Earlier this month, American Airline officials announced that they will change its carry-on bag policies for customers flying its popular Basic Economy Fare by allowing one free carry on to all destinations.


Prior to their announcement, the airlines received a great deal of criticism for charging Basic Economy fare travelers an extra $25 gate service fee per item, plus the applicable bag fee when checking a carry-on bag at the gate.


A statement on American’s website reads:


“Basic Economy is working well in the markets where we offer it today. Customers benefit from our lowest fares that are competitive with no-frills carriers while experiencing American’s unparalleled network, better product and great customer service. “