Having champagne taste on a beer-bottle budget will now get you just that and a three-course meal courtesy of Delta Airlines.


Passengers flying on international flights will now be a part of a new bistro service that Delta is testing to enhance the experience for its customers flying economy—a service only offered in first class.


According to The Biz Journal, the meal service test will first feature a welcome cocktail with bellinis along with a variety of other beverages and cocktails passengers can choose from.


Following the welcome drink, Delta will hand customers a printed menu that features a three-course menu. Passengers will have appetizers choices such as salad with quinoa, entrée choices that include pasta with cauliflower, walnuts and a cream sauce, and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream for dessert.


In addition, food will be served on white dishes instead of the microwaved-dinner style that passengers are accustomed to on long flights, larger dinner napkins, and sophisticated plastic tableware.


Delta is only testing the fine-bistro experience from flights between Portland, Oregon and Tokyo, Japan.


Rolling this bistro-service out to all international flights in the future depends on customer feedback. If Delta follows-through with the three-course service, it would cause its competitors to respond in the same fashion.