Starting this September, American Airlines will change its carry-on bag policies for customers flying its popular Basic Economy Fare by allowing one free carry on to all destinations.


Basic Economy is one of American Airlines’ cheapest ways to travel with some restrictions. In the past, the company charged Basic Economy fare travelers an extra $25 gate service fee per item, plus the applicable bag fee when checking a carry-on bag at the gate.


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These rules, however, will change on Sept. 5,  and a personal item and one carry-on luggage will be included in the Basic Economy Fare price.


According to the company’s website, officials are hoping that removing the carry-on bag restrictions will make American Airlines more competitive with the airlines that include carry-on bags in their lowest fares.


A statement on the company’s website reads:


“Basic Economy is working well in the markets where we offer it today. Customers benefit from our lowest fares that are competitive with no-frills carriers while experiencing American’s unparalleled network, better product and great customer service. “


When the new service kicks off, flights to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean will allow customers to board with 1 personal item like a purse or handbag that fits in the seat in front of you, and a carry on item no larger than 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Flights to Europe will include the same.


Keep in mind that the current restrictions and rules will apply on Basic Economy Fare until Sept. 4.