Airbnb’s most recent case study predicts guest bookings trends, revealing the most popular travel experiences and locations. According to the study, guests enjoy authentic culinary workshops, such as home-cooked dinner experiences and drink tastings. Bring on the wine.

Although nature and music are on the rise taking up 18% of expenditure, Airbnb’s food and drink experience category take up 29% of the total expenditure.

Speaking of food, feast on Vietnam’s French-inspired cuisine and tropical climate and as they’ve seen significant growth in short-term rentals. There was an increase of bookings in cities like Da Nang and Hanoi by at least 212%.

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Of course, major hotspots like London, Paris, and New York made the top of the list for most popular destinations. Miami and Lisbon were both ranked one of the best places to live in 2018. They both saw an increase in recent short-term vacation rentals for hosts and guest bookings are on the rise. The Winter Games earlier this year made Gangneung in Korea one of the top trending destinations.

Opportunity cities like Columbus and Indianapolis saw a rise in popularity after a splurge of restaurants, art exhibits, nature lodges close national parks opened.

The Mediterranean enclaves  in Europe beat out towns like Gazimagusa and Paphos seeing a huge growth for Airbnb accommodations. For the past two years, Bournemouth has had the second largest increase of short-term holiday bookings, due to their beautiful weather and nightlife.

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Airbnb predicts live concert recommendations and outdoor expeditions will continue to rise throughout the year and well into 2019.

Make your next travel destination the right travel destination. You can see the company’s complete list here.