Some airlines are relaxing their restriction on cabin crew looks. However, for Air India, this move is going in the opposite direction. The company has recently issued sweeping new style regulations for its cabin staff. The Indian airline is banning everything from gray hair on flight attendants to pearls for their female counterparts as new owners seek to reinvent the former state carrier.

As Bloomberg News reported, female cabin crew members will only be permitted to wear gold or diamond round-shaped earrings without design or ornamentation; pearl earrings won’t be allowed.

The guidelines published under the name ‘Cabin Crew Handbook’ have mandated that female crew members.

“Air India is the only airline in the country which has been serving the world for many decades. Representations and images of the crew are not as per international standards. The new management wants to change the perception of flyers,” Air India stated.

For women

Nose rings are also not permitted and if the mark appears on the nose it should be covered with makeup.

Women who want to wear a bindi can only have one that is 0.5 cm.

When it comes to hair, women crew members have to style their tresses only in high top knots, no low buns are allowed. Also, only four black bobby pins can be used.

Air India asked its female crew members to always wear sheer calf length stockings matching their skin tone.

When it comes to make-up, the female crew is expected to adhere to the eyeshadow, lipstick, nail paint, and hair shade cards, with no room for personal shades.

For men

Air India has also come out with more rules for their male crew members. The airline has asked their crew who have “deep receding hairline and male balding patches must keep a clean shaved head/ bald look”.

However, the respective persons need to shave their heads daily. “Crew cut is not permitted,” it added.

Men have also been asked to wear socks that match the color of their trousers and be no longer or shorter than the calf.

Gray hair

Both male and female crew members with gray hair are also required to regularly colour them in a natural shade. “Fashion colors and henna are not permitted,” it says.

The attendants have also been told not to wear the black or religious thread on their wrist, neck, ankles.

The cabin crew have also been asked to use antiperspirant or deodorant along with their perfume and asked that it be a part of their daily hygiene routine. The guidelines also state heavily scented perfumes should be avoided and that it shouldn’t be sprayed directly on uniforms and only on pulse points on the skin.

The guidelines also state that crew should not wear the uniform and its accessories when off-duty.