8 Plant Businesses Owned By Black Women
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

8 Plant Businesses Owned By Black Women

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Apr 1, 2022

Each year more black women are entering the plant retail industry, bringing their creative vibes and tranquil energy into the space. An industry that has spiked in popularity amongst black millennials, plant shops both on and offline offer peace and happiness to those seeking to bring a bit of greenery into their lives. If you’re a plant lover or someone looking to become a plant parent, consider checking out these black women-owned plant businesses to find the perfect floral addition to your home or office.

1. The Plant Project

The first black woman-owned plant shop in Dallas, The Plant Project hopes to diversify the Dallas plant community and to provide plant therapy to everyone who visits. Created by Bree Clarke, the store was born after Clarke felt discouraged by the lack of black and brown people she saw in the plant retail industry. The store is built upon a rich history and is located Uptown in an area that was previously known as Freedman’s Town, the first settlement of ex-slaves. By diversifying the Dallas plant community, The Plant Project is a safe space where plant lovers in Dallas can celebrate community, the culture, and grow together with their plant babies.

2. Birds & Bees Nursery

Birds & Bees Nursery in Portland, OR is the brainchild of two black women who went to high school together. Their love for plants and gardening culminated into a business haven where locals can buy locally sourced and grown plants for their homes and urban gardens. Birds & Bees Nursery also donates to a bunch of social justice, agriculture, and charitable organizations including Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and The Okra Project.

3. Tal & Bert

Owned by Val Talbert and her husband Ray, Tal and Bert is an online and brick and mortar store that sells plant and interior design accessories. Val runs the front end of the business while Ray takes care of everything behind the scenes and the coupe prides themselves on creating beautiful designs that incorporate plants, raw materials, and industrial concrete. The business headquarters is in Pittsburgh and they have two storefront locations in the city where you can check out their designs as well as artwork from over 70 women and minority-owned businesses. 

4. The Plant Salon

A lover of beauty and plants, The Plant Salon owner Nika Vaughan opened the shop in West Chicago when clients kept trying to buy the plants in her studio. The Plant Salon offers a guiding hand into beauty and self-care both for yourself and for your plants. The salon features products like body oils, natural clay masks, and hand soaps made by independent creatives as well as tropical houseplants that you can purchase and take home. A place where plants and self-care intersect, The Plant Salon is a must-visit if you’re a plant lover who finds yourself in the Windy City. 

5. Planting With P

If you don’t have time to make it to the plant store, you might want to check out Planting With P. An online plant shop that delivers houseplants right to your door, Planting with P was started in 2019 by Paris Hannon. The online store sells decorative wreaths, floral arrangements, candles, and even some rare plants that are hard to find at other plant retail stores. Customers also love their All Things Plant Related Subscription Box, a monthly subscription that includes a sage stick, a DIY plant kit, a plant potting session, meditation focus, and more. Planting With P also sells crystal jars, smudge sticks, and self-care box bundles. 

6. Grounded

Known for selling plants that encourage tranquility and mindfulness, Grounded is another online plant store that believes that plants can change and shift the atmosphere in any home or place of business. Created by Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell, Grounded offers a variety of plants for different plant love lifestyles including low maintenance, pet-friendly, and seasonal plants. They also offer different plant accessories like self-watering crystals, planters, and watering cans. 

7. My Crazy Plant Life

My Crazy Plant Life is an online plant store that sells multiple different collections of plants including succulents, aroids, orchids, and more. They have mountable decorative plants that are perfect for adding creative flair to a home or any office space. My Crazy Plant Life also offers terrarium creation workshops for plant lovers who want to be more hands-on and creative. 

8. Terra Cotta


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Located in Memphis, TN, Terra Cotta was started by entrepreneur Keneisha Malone and a friend she’d met at an autism clinic in 2015. Not only does the store sell a plethora of house plants, but the store also serves as a community space for Black creatives. Terra Cotta opened in 2020 and carries products from over 20 creatives and makers. They also host intimate concerts, workshops, and plant swaps.

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