Fashion is seen as a very important factor among millennials and the eyewear industry is very aware of that. Therefore, eyewear designers are working to create stylish eyewear products to meet the growing demand globally. This, in turn, is projected to propel the eyewear market forward. Every year, designers launch new styles to follow the ever-changing fashion trends and attract fashion lovers. However, it is important to highlight Black-owned eyewear brands that give this multi-millionaire industry more diversity.

As summer comes and with it the need to be outdoors and enjoy the hottest season of the year, going to the beach, pool, or in the park with families and friends, summer offers a multitude of activities and experiences. But how about enjoying the summer with style? In fact, in addition to shoes, t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, and hats, there is also another item of clothing that symbolizes summer well – eyewear pieces.

That’s why Travel Noire has made a selection of 10 Black-owned eyewear brands for you to enjoy and rock the summer of 2022 with sophistication and charm.

1. Coco And Breezy

Founded in 2009 by twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson, Coco and Breezy Eyewear was an instant hit in the entertainment and fashion industry since it was created. The brand was featured in most major publications, e.g. Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Coco and Breezy’s designs have ranged from the “third-eye” sunglasses for the late Prince to recent collaborations with Hershey’s, Ciroc, and SIX:02.

2. Bohten

Founded by Nana Boateng Osei and Nana Kwadwo Osei, this state-of-the-art African-inspired Black-owned eyewear company was built to challenge the status quo while successfully meeting the industry standard with help from some of the world’s top brand developers, engineers and artisans.

Its products are engineered to optimize the viewing experience while adding an effortless luxury to your gaze.

3. Nroda

NRODA was founded in 2012. Previously named Tnemnroda (adornment spelled backward, the company was rebranded under the name NRODA, which is adorn spelled backward, in 2018. The newly refined brand image appeals to both men and women, making the line officially unisex.

Celebrities like Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Angela Simmons, Keke Palmer and Chrisette Michelle are Nroda clients.

4. AOX

Founded in 2005 by Paris-born CEO Idriss Nestor AOX has grown to be one of the world’s leading independent and Black-owned sunglasses brands.

He has created a company that creates luxury eyewear at a surprisingly affordable price.

The brand is known for its glitzy steadfast commitment to offering a limited selection of universally-flattering, unisex, perfected frame shapes.

AOX is based in Sorrento, Italy.

5. Vontélle Eyewear

Vontélle was founded in 2019  by the fashion designers Nancey Harris and Tracy Vontélle Green. According to the founders, the brand was created to satisfy the demand for better-fitting vibrant, fashion-forward eyewear.

Their products and accessories are designed and handcrafted to pay homage to their African ancestry with traditional colors and patterns that channel our African, Caribbean, and Latin heritage.

6. Godnii

Godnii (GOD In I, GOD & I, GOD in eye.) is a Black-owned eyewear brand from Detroit. Founded by Ali Omar and Keri Roberts in 2014. Aiming to pay homage to the tangible zeal and creative culture of Detroit, Godnii works to elevate its innovative spirit.

Godnii creates its products on 3 core principles; functionality, limited variety, and superior materials.

Rooted in Detroit craftsman and fashion culture, each frame is carefully handcrafted and takes 8 days to complete.


Founded by Isiah Fowler, a former member of the US Air Force, in 2011,  SWAV Eyewear is a Black-owned based in Las Vegas. SWAV is considered an inspirational eyewear brand that sells stylish sunglasses to inspire people to never give up on their goals.

” I wanted to create something that didn’t exist in this world and also something that people could truly connect with on a DEEPER level. That is how SWAV Eyewear was born,” says Fowler on its website.

8. 3rd Eye View

Founded in 2014 by Christyn Breckenridge, 3rdEyeView is a Texas-based eyewear brand that pays homage to the esoteric concept of a speculative invisible “inner” eye, 3rdeyeview has provided perception beyond ordinary sight.

As Breckenridge states on the company’s website: “Our glasses are made for living. We do it; explore it, seek it, & most importantly live it.”