Traveling with friends can be a memorable experience, for good or bad. While we all want the trip to get out of the group chat phase, doing some prep work on the front end is vital. Sadly, a lot of relationships have ended due to traveling with their friends.

When traveling with friends, you see your crew in new dynamics for the first time, which might be challenging for some. However, according to a survey by Topdeck Travel, 40 percent of Millennials prefer to travel with friends or their BFF.

While a lot of preparation can go into a trip, there can still be things that go wrong during the vacation. So the next time you plan a group trip with friends, implement some of these tips below.

Talk About Budget

When traveling with friends, ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the budget. If you plan on spending like there’s no budget in mind while your friends are penny-pinching, that can make for an uncomfortable dynamic on a trip. Be clear and upfront about money expectations before traveling. While on the trip, communicate money expectations if new things occur.

Communicate the Itinerary

It’s essential to communicate and understand what trip you plan to take with your friends. Do you plan on a highly adventurous trip with tons of excursions and activities or a relaxing beach vacation with plenty of downtime? While on the trip, set expectations of how the days are planned and will go. 

Be Open

If your trip with friends starts to go left, communicate that with your friends and adjust your expectations accordingly. Even though you’re on a group trip, make sure to take time for yourself. Add time to your agenda to explore and do your own thing! Group trips can be fun, but make sure you are open about the experience and flexible.