These 25 things you can have delivered to your hotel room aren’t the usual things you’d think about. I often get to my hotel room and discover I’ve forgotten something. Like my toothbrush, or shampoo. These aren’t those kinds of things.

I’ve also ordered some pretty extravagant food through room service. This list goes beyond that. Here’s a list of 25 things you can have delivered to your hotel room that you’ve probably never thought of having delivered.

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Hotels all over the world offer all kinds of unique services for their hotel guests. Guests flock to hotels that cater to their specific needs, so why not offer really unique things?

Jam out on an electric guitar at the Hard Rock Hotel. Enjoy a tarot card reading in your room. Plunge into your pool and into an art class just for you. Have your entire vacation delivered to your hotel room, if you wish.

1. Private Security Guard

Pretend you’re someone famous (or maybe you are someone famous) and order up a personal security guard to your hotel room door at Dream Hotel’s guest house in NYC.

2. Helicopter

The only way to get on and off the Sheldon Chalet property is by helicopter. And, they drop you off right in front of your room on Mount Denali, at an elevation of 5,800 feet. The amenities just begin there, though. They have an exclusive world-renowned chef to tantalize your taste buds. Along with all of the gear and apparel you need for this extreme Alaskan adventure.

3. Perfume/Cologne Tray

Have a tray of fragrances brought to your room at the Brazilian Rosewood Hotel.ย Spritz yourself with any of the 10 samples anytime during your stay.

4. Campfire


Well, it isn’t technically a hotel room. It’s more of a super luxe glamping resort. Have your personal butler start a campfire for you and even grill your crew some s’mores at The Resort At Paws Up in Montana.

5. Fresh Coconut Water

Climbers scale the tall coconut trees of Seychelles’ Six Senses, Zil Pasyon daily in order to retrieve coconuts used for their coconut water. Get coconut water that’s just minutes old delivered to your room and throughout the resort.

6. Foreplay Kit

It’s not just the rooms that have a sexual connotation; the sex kit in the mini bar shouts it out loud. Get that high vibrational romance started with lotion, lube, and a vibrator at SLS South Beach.

7. White Noise Machine

Order a white noise machine and drift off to sleep like you would at home. The Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida helps you feel at home with this delivery for bedtime.

8. Luggage Packing Expert


It always seems like there’s less room in my suitcase at the end of my vacation than there was at the beginning. Have someone from Hemingway’s Nairobi come in and pack your suitcase for you. They’re experts, so they’ll figure out how to fit that giant stuffed giraffe into your suitcase.

10. Your ENTIRE Travel Wardrobe

Just bring what you’re wearing on your next trip to DC. Have your clothes picked for you from Neiman Marcus. Arrive to your new fits hanging in your closet at The St. Regis. Try them on for free, buy them if you wear them.

11. Snowsuit

Limelight Hotel in Aspen, Colorado will deliver a snowsuit to your room. Forget about packing that lumpy thing and have it there when you arrive. Or, use this service to check out the latest snow gear from GORE-TEX.

12. Snowboard/Ski Equipment

Ski in/ski out accommodations are great. The snowsuit is uber convenient. Having your gear delivered to you is the ultimate flex. Arrabelle at Vail Square has someone who will handle your gear, all you have to handle are your gloves and goggles.

13. Birthday Cake

Have an entire birthday cake, or cake for any occasion delivered to your room at Disneyland Resorts. They’ll also deliver it to restaurants on the property, if you’d like.

14. Sunglasses

Have sunglasses delivered to your room at Ojai Valley Innย in sunny California. Or, get them repaired. Just ask the sunglasses butler to hook you up.

15. Electric Guitar and Amp


Hardrock Hotels offer an electric guitar and amp right on their room service menu. Rock out in the safety of your own hotel room. The website encourages you to, “Enjoy a variety of Stratocasters, Telecasters, and bass guitars to live out your rock nโ€™ roll fantasy or learn something new while you travel the world.”

16. Dog Companion

Send up a friend for your fur baby. Lay back and relax while your dog takes a walk on the beaches of Cabo with a dog companion. Las Ventanas Al Paraiso will take them morning or night to go take care of business.

17. Dog Room Service Menu


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Bobby Hotel in Nashville has a complete menu for your dog. Order steak and potatoes or a simple can of dog food. If you feel like getting out, take you fur baby with you to their restaurant and dine with them!

18. International Soap Selection

Book the presidential suite at the Hotel d’Angleterre in Geneva, Switzerland. Upon arrival, pick from soaps from all around the world for your suite.

19. Tarot Card Journey

This tarot card reading from L’Auberge in Sedona, Arizona is a unique experience. The description states, “Step into this personalized experience, designed to instill the tools for accessing abundance, love and connection and awakening the power within.”

20. Nanny on Demand

So, maybe you DO want to go out, but you want to leave the kiddos behind. Como Laucala Island in Fiji provides a personal nanny when you book their Hilltop Villa.

21. A Curated Book Selection

The Langham Hotel in London has it’s own book concierge. Allow them to pick a book or two out for you from their extensive library to be dropped off to your room.

22. Art Lessons

Step out to your private plunge pool, paintbrush in hand. Get a personal painting lesson from a local artist at Guaycura Hotel Beach Club & Spa in Todos Santos, Mexico.

23. An Assortment of Pillows

The Graylyn Estate has an entire menu dedicated to pillows. This luxury estate in North Carolina also addresses you as, “Lord” or “Lady” your entire stay.

24. Champagne Bath


Forget the bubble bath soaps. Il Salviatino will come to your suite and fill your bathtub with actual Champagne. They’ll bring a cold bottle for you to enjoy during your soak, too.

25. In-Room Mixologist


Have a professional bartender come to your room and mix some craft cocktails. This is pre-gaming adult style. This private, one-hour cocktail service is served up at the Four Seasons Chicago.