Booking the flight to Mexico was probably the easiest decision you made, but knowing what to pack for your trip to Mexico? Maybe not as straight forward as you thought. Here at Travel Noire we know how to cut out the overwhelming reality of this pre-travel packing step.

A trip to Mexico is always a good idea, it almost always starts with excitement to experience a globally known culture that is rich, abundant (and more vast than we talk about) and ends with a camera roll full of warm, sun-drenched memories. Before you pack for your next trip to Mexico, here are some things you might want to consider adding to your packing list.  

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1. Bug Repellant

Is there anything worse than being in Mexico’s precious palm-treed Caribe or in the heat of the super chilled Oaxacan coast and not being able to actually enjoy it because you’re nursing your tender mosquito bites?

Avoid being eaten alive by the mosquitos and bag yourself some repellant. Extra tip, anything citronella based is going to be your best friend for this Mexico trip.

2. Black Girl Sun Screen

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Sunscreen is an important step in all skincare routines. Incorporate a Black woman-owned sunscreen brand into your routine while taking in some much needed vitamin D.

Black Girl Sun Screen has been on our radar and in our travel bags for the longest, we absolutely recommend.

3. Camera

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Of course. Sometimes the phone pictures just don’t do it justice. Make space in your bag for a camera to capture these special travel moments and document your time in one of Latin America’s most impressive countries.

For travelers into photography, many cities in Mexico have the option to develop film too – especially if you’re headed to Mexico City or Oaxaca, so go ahead and pack that film camera too.

4. Charcoal powder

A truly multi-purposeful product. Charcoal powder will save your gut from the looming stomach bug that some travelers get when visiting Mexico. It also doubles up as a perfect facemask while traveling; add a little water and apply to your face for a rejuvenated look.

5. Cute waterproof backpack

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The best part about visiting a country as huge as Mexico is the potential to make (a ridiculous amount of) domestic trips. There is so much to see, a huge amount of diversity in the Mexican states and cities and no reason to stay in one place. Having a cute waterproof backpack at hand will help you out while exploring all terrains and climates of some of Mexico’s most gorgeous corners.

6. Sandals

    Credit: DCL “650”

An easy lightweight pair of sandals is always a vacation must-have, whether for the accommodation showers or for showing off outside. It is especially useful in Mexico where you’ll surely enjoy the coastal, laidback vibes.

7. Reusable water bottle

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Staying hydrated is always a must while traveling. We recommend a reusable water bottle to help you achieve your water goals while reducing plastic waste. Can’t go wrong with a sustainable travel staple.

8. Tea tree oil

This one saves lives. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that should live in your luggage because yes, it is that necessary.

Got a spot? Apply a little diluted tea tree oil. Bed bug bite? Reach for the tea tree oil. Need an insect repellant aroma for your accommodation? Tea tree oil again. Got some new piercings while out in Mexico? A little tea tree oil will go a long way. The antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties are endless so don’t leave this one at home when you pack for your next trip to Mexico.

9. Portable power bank

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

OK, this one saves lives too. How many times have we left the house on a risky 55%, maybe even less? It’s the worst when your phone dies ordinarily, worse still while abroad.

Keeping a battery pack is an awesome solution to keep your phone charged at all times. We’ve helped you learn how to never run out of data while abroad, and now we’ve got your back with your phone battery while you pack for your next Mexico trip. You’re welcome!

10. Waterproof phone bag

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Mexico is one of the best places for water sports, waterfalls, rivers, cenotes, white-sand beaches, boat rides on surreal lakes, canyons – you get it, you’ll be by the water quite often. Packing a waterproof phone bag means you can keep your phone near you and document the travel moments in the water with ease. Just remember to properly seal the bag to avoid ruining your trip with unexpected phone dilemmas…