Group trips out of town with close friends can create exciting memories that last a lifetime. No matter the destination, sharing meals, sightseeing, and thrilling excursions together can help form lifelong bonds. However, things can get messy when you’re not too fond of everyone going on the trip. 

One woman’s post in a Reddit thread struck up some interesting conversation about disliking a fellow group trip traveler. In her post, she described feeling uncomfortable around her male friend’s new girlfriend. When invited on an all-expense paid vacation by that same friend, she asked him to disinvite his girlfriend. 

Social media users went into uproar discussing the post and providing their infinite opinions on the matter. Another example of a group trip headed toward disaster, this traveler had no shame in making an awkward situation even worse.

Awkward Turtle

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Yan Krukov.

In her post, the original poster described her relationship with her male friend Dante. The pair have a long-standing friendship, dating all the way back to when they were infants. Although they’re close, neither of them has ever crossed the line beyond platonic friendship. 

Things started to get awkward when Dante got a new girlfriend named Grace. While her friend seemed to like her, Grace made the author uncomfortable for numerous reasons. Recently, Grace cornered her and started asking questions about her relationship with Dante. She wanted to know if the Reddit user was attracted to him and if she’d ever be interested in dating him. 

All of this made her extremely uncomfortable. So when Dante invited their group of friends on a ski trip and offered to foot the entire bill, she asked him to disinvite his girlfriend Grace. 

The user asked the thread if she was the problem in the group trip fiasco. According to the user, Dante asked his girlfriend not to attend the trip and now Grace has a grudge against her. Now, the friend group is divided and everyone is taking sides.

The Internet Is In A Frenzy Over This Story

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To the author’s surprise, many Reddit users felt like she was indeed the issue. In the thread titled AITA (Am I The Asshole), users went back and forth about how the OP was creating drama by asking Dante to disinvite his girlfriend. 

“OP said jump and the BF immediately proved his girlfriend’s suspicions,” said user shhh_its_me. “Whether OP is interested in the guy or not, OP can and will inset herself in his relationship and OP will win. I honestly would expect her to break up with BF over this. And asking a few awkward questions could have just turned into a funny story.”

After Dante disinvited Grace, she immediately blamed the OP for the turn of events. Grace also questioned why her boyfriend’s friend didn’t disinvite the OP from the trip if she had an issue. Reddit user Squinky75 agrees with Grace saying the OP was acting entitled considering Dante was paying for the trip. 

“YTA. Where do you get off telling your friend who he can or cannot take to accommodations he is providing? ESPECIALLY his own girlfriend? If you are so uncomfortable, YOU stay home,” they said. 

Many users believed all parties involved were in the wrong. While Grace’s initial questioning of the OP was odd, her asking Dante to disinvite his girlfriend escalated the situation to new heights. When Dante followed behind the friend and uninvited Grace from the trip, online users agreed that everyone in this group of friends was out of control.

What Would You Do?

Group trips can get messy if everyone isn’t on the same page. Throw in insecure partners and sketchy, childhood friends, and awkwardness can go through the roof. In this story, many users agreed that the OP was the ass in the grand scheme of things. However, if you were in this situation, what would you do?

As a childhood friend, would you feel comfortable going to your lifelong bud and discussing their partner’s odd ways? Better yet, if you’re friend had an issue with your significant other, who ultimately comes first? 

If you’re heading out on a group trip this season, be sure to have open discussions with your friends and your partners before making plans. It’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable when traveling to avoid unnecessary drama while on vacation. If you plan on traveling with your significant other, consider having a sit-down conversation beforehand to discuss boundaries and potential issues.