Few things are more frustrating for travelers than being stranded at the airport due to the weather or an airline experiencing a computer glitch. Two major airlines are hoping that an agreement will help ease the burden of unexpected emergencies thanks to a reimplemented interline rebooking deal.

Delta and American have joined forces for a re-accommodation agreement that allows customers to be rebooked on each other’s airline in the event of an emergency. With the deal in place, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines will now allow passengers who are stranded due to unforeseen events like technical malfunctions or poor weather to be transferred between the carriers with ease, giving fliers more options to reach their destinations.

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Interline deals are common in the airline industry, and the two airlines had a similar deal in place before ending it in 2015. According to the L.A. Times, the original deal soured because Delta felt they weren’t benefitting from the pact, but after a series of massive delays, Delta requested that the deal be reinstated.

The agreement is good news for customers of either airline. While the carriers will prioritize rebooking on their own planes before transferring passengers, fliers now have more flight options when their flights are delayed or cancelled because of the weather of operational errors.