RIP Virgin America: The Country’s Coolest Airline Is No More
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

RIP Virgin America: The Country’s Coolest Airline Is No More

Travel Noire
Travel Noire Jan 12, 2018

After a decade in operation, beloved and trendy domestic airline Virgin America officially ended its run on Jan. 11.

It was only a matter of time before Virgin America dissolved following an acquisition by Alaska Airline in 2016. During the time of the acquisition, many believed the airline would continue to operate until 2019, but as of this week, the airline will no longer operate under its call sign, “Redwood.” Pilots that work for Virgin America and Alaska Airlines will both now fly under the same name “Alaska,” making them a single airline according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The two airlines began to merge their loyalty programs following the buy-out, with the merger making Alaska the fifth-largest airline in the U.S., operating more than 1,200 daily flights to more than 120 destinations across North America.

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Virgin America isn’t completely gone just yet. Travelers can still book flights through Virgin America’s website until April 24, with the site redirecting customers to book travel on Alaska’s website beginning April 25. The distinct red and white planes with purple interior lighting will also still remain in operation during the transition, though it is expected that all planes will be revamped in Alaska’s signature white and blue style, with custom updates that will preserve some of Virgin America’s features, by 2019. Learn more about what the merger means for travelers on

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