These days living your best travel life is all about finding the best deals first. Several websites and influencers dedicate their time to helping you do just that. Check out this list that we’ve put together to help you find the best travel deals easily.

Secret Flying

This website is probably the ‘OG’ of travel deals and error fares. For years, this website has worked around the clock, posting some of the most insane deals to date. You can filter their website to find deals specifically for any continent.

Travel Pirates

Travel Pirates is another great website option to find flight deals and error fares. What sets them apart from Secret Flying is that they will also post hotel sales, vacation package deals (flight plus hotel), as well as deals for multi-country trips. A popular deal that they offered in 2017 was New York to Morocco to Portugal and back for only $400. That’s two continents for the price of a domestic flight.

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The Flight Deal

The Flight Deal is another ‘OG’ in the travel deal game. TFD focuses primarily on deals coming out of New York and parts of California. A popular deal that they post is their “short haul” option, which features a short domestic flight at a very low price. You can subscribe to receive their deals to your email daily.

Fare Deal Alert

This website is the sister site of The Flight Deal. The only difference is that FDA features deals from Charlotte, parts of Texas, Atlanta, and Denver.


This is actually an app as opposed to a website. Once you download the app, you can set it to send deals closest to you. You also have the chance to accumulate points by simply reading about posted deals, leaving a review on certain deals, and sharing deals. Once your points reach a certain level, you can trade it in for gift cards and even flight vouchers.