Finding a good deal on an airline flight or hotel package can be just as exhilarating as the trip itself, and Google Flight plans on making it even easier for travelers to see the world without spending a fortune.

Among its new features is a tool that tells shoppers when flights are cheaper, how much the flights are and if prices for travel on your desired dates are expected to increase based on historical data. This is perfect for anyone that is always fearful that they are spending too much on a flight by purchasing tickets too early.

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Though the new Google Flight tools will help users identify the best standard airfares, the feature will not be able to identify the latest sale flights, glitch fares or sudden spikes in prices for air travel, so checking prices with your airline is still encouraged.

While you input your desired travel dates and location, there is also a new feature that alerts you if hotel rooms are higher than usual in your destination. Be sure to check to see if you’re booking during a peak season or during a big event or conference when hotels are at a premium before securing your flight, and sign up for the email alert to be notified of any change to hotel rates.


The last new feature you’ll want to try is the Google Trips app, which helps users to organize their flight details and hotel booking information in one place while also helping to identify top attractions, event tickets and local deals that can all be purchased within the app. Looks like Google is aiming to be the perfect travel agent and personal assistant all in one.