Viral TikTok Flight Attendant Reveals The Dirtiest Surface On Planes
Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Viral TikTok Flight Attendant Reveals The Dirtiest Surface On Planes

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Sep 7, 2022

How clean are airplanes nowadays? The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the importance of having access to clean environments. Now, we must be aware of the quality of indoor air in our houses and public places. Recently, one flight attendant went on social media to show how an airline takes those precautions on an airplane. The TikTok user named Brenda Orelus, nicknamed Flight Bae B, recently revealed what is the dirtiest surface on planes.  

In the video, Flight Bae B said it is wrong to think that the dirtiest surface on planes is the public restroom, seat cushions, or even tray tables. According to the Tiktoker, seat back pockets are actually the dirtiest surface on the aircraft.  The clip has been watched nearly 40,000 times.

She revealed that while airlines make sure that areas such as the restroom and seat cushions are regularly cleaned and disinfected, the seat back pockets “are never cleaned.”

She added that the only time the pockets receive attention is when someone vomits or there’s a gross substance coming out of them. ‘All they (the cleaners) do is go and take out the trash. So, all of those germs have accumulated and there’s no real regular maintenance or cleaning of those surfaces whereas lavatories are regularly wiped down and sanitized,” she said.

In addition, Orelus said that parents placing dirty diapers in seat back pockets is one of the most common nasty situations seen on seatback pockets.

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Followers reacted

The video shocked Orelus’ followers. 

One follower commented: I usually put my phone there 😳

Another follower wrote: Never touching it again 🥲

This follower said:  That’s where I used to put my book😳

On the other hand, some followers disagreed with the video. Speaking on behalf of airline cleaners, a user said that pockets are wiped down regularly.

“not true. if its a quick turn then no it doesn’t get cleaned but if the plane stays overnight then the cleaners will actually clean it. now u know” said one of the followers.

Another cleaner agreed: That’s not true I work as airplane cleaner & we actually have two teams for each plane. One takes trash and vacuums the other team deep cleans each one.

 Orelus replied: What does the team look like during a quick turn? How often are you being rushed off the plane so they can board and get the plane out?

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