Studies show that over half of the families traveling in 2018 spent between $1,000 and $4,999 planning a family vacation. Airlines like Scandinavian Airlines and Air Tahiti are making it easier for families to save a few dollars while planning their yearly vacation.

Scandinavia carries the reputation of being one of the most expensive places you can visit in Europe, but if Scandinavia or Finland are on your travel wish list, and you want to take the kiddos, Scandinavian Airlines has an offer you might want to take advantage of this week. The airline is allowing children 11 and under to fly free (you just pay the taxes and fees). But, you have to jump on this offer quickly since you have to book by December 10th and travel between January 8 and April 2, 2019. Hello, spring break!

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Scandinavian Airlines departs from seven US cities: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC. 

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If the blue water and sandy beaches are on your travel vision board for 2019, you in luck.  Air Tahiti also offers free family fares for kids up to 11 years of age. Like SAS, you’ll just have to pay the taxes and fees for each kid ticket, and their offer is up for grabs year around. Air Tahiti flys out of many cities across the US including New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis since they are a partner of American Airlines.

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Before booking your travels because of the kid’s free perks, do your research and check in with other travel companies where you have to pay for your kid’s travel, but the rates will be cheaper. Since the US Family Travel Survey 2017 from New York University and the Family Travel Association, researchers found that 88% of families are planning to travel with their children in the next year, there are likey great deals that are right for planning a summer or spring break trip for your family without breaking the bank.