What are the travel secrets that every globetrotter should know? Some of our favorite world travelers share the secrets you’ll want to keep in mind before your next big adventure.

Eposi: I like to spend a lot of time researching where I am going to visit, the interesting places to make sure I see on my trip, what kind of food, and the cultural norms (especially if the culture is very different from what I am familiar with). Second, when I get there, I make it a point to get to know or be friendly with the locals. Lastly, if I meet and mesh well with a local who suggests something different, that research goes out the window, and I go with the local’s recommendations. That last tip usually earns a great time I could not possibly have planned.

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Elton: ONLY pack a carry-on! Trust me, you do not need six pairs of shoes and 17 shirts. The less you take the better and you can always buy things as needed.

Get a Charles Schwab checking account! If you ever need to take money out while traveling abroad they pay your ATM fees, which can rack up. I don’t like the whole currency exchange thing, so ATMs are my go-to. They also pay you interest on your money so it’s a win/win.

Go on a solo trip. It’s great for the soul and can inspire you in ways you never imagined.

Brian: Flying for miles on end doesn’t get you free flights. Strategically opening up credit cards do though.

When searching flights, be creative with your starting and ending airports to get the best deals. You could save hundreds of dollars.

Invest in a good travel credit card and know the insurance coverage that comes with it. I’ve been able to recover over $3000 for trip disturbances that were out of my control.

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