Since COVID-19-related restrictions have been lifted in most places, it’s been a crazy year for travel. Traveling has been stressful, from overcrowded airports to painfully long security lines and staff shortages. According to a New York Post study, 66 percent of 2,000 travelers surveyed wanted to “revenge travel” after the pandemic. 

With the increase of jet setters, airports have felt the impact. However, one of Europe’s most connected and crowded airports has a solution — and customers are willing to pay for it. 

While chaotic airports have been a trend, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport stands out as an airline that has experienced the worst of the revenge travel crowd.  As a result, they launched a VIP service for which travelers who want a smoother airline experience are willing to pay top dollar.

What does the VIP service include?

Schiphol Airport VIP might be better than TSA and worth it if you fly throughout Europe a lot, seeing Amsterdam is a vast connecting city. 

The program provides a dedicated security line and other amenities, including a private lounge and limousine service, ranging from $611 USD up to $1,238 USD per passenger. 

How can travelers get a membership?

The program has been in such high demand that the airport has recently had to pause new memberships to provide a true VIP and swift airport experience to current members.

“We are working on expanding the number of staff, [yet] at the same time it has always been an exclusive service,” says Madelon van der Hof, a spokesperson for Schiphol.

“At this moment we can’t give a date when the service will open again for all new members.”

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