The winners of the 2023 Travel Noire Awards sponsored by Walmart are now in! The destinations category featured our favorite places to travel, whether it be popular destinations, hidden gems or wide-open spaces. We tallied your votes to determine the winners in this category, and now it’s time to share the results. Here is a closer look at your choices in the Travel Noire Awards Winners: Destinations category.

Favorite Stateside City Vacay for Black Travelers

New Orleans

New Orleans captured 47 percent of the vote in our Travel Noire Awards poll. This city has dynamic roots with a mix of Creole, African American, European and Spanish heritage that appeals to a wide audience. The rich food culture, lively party scene and activities for both couples and families put this city at the top spot for Black travelers.

Favorite International City Vacay for Black Travelers

Accra, Ghana

“Africa’s Capital of Cool,” was more than enough to win over the hearts of Travel Noire voters. Accra captured 45 percent of the vote compared to two other international cities in our poll. Recent celebrity buzz and Black travelers looking to connect with their history combined with the country’s efforts to bring in more tourism pushed this city to the top for Travel Noire’s readers. Learn more about Accra in our city guide

Favorite Island City Vacay for Black Travelers 

Montego Bay, Jamaica

It was no surprise when Montego Bay became the winner for Favorite Island City for Black Travelers. The city’s laid-back “irie” culture, good weather and tranquil beaches captured 49 percent of the vote in this year’s poll. Quick access to the Caribbean from the Americas also makes this an easy choice among Black travelers.

Favorite Hidden Gem Vacay

Bazaruto Islands, Mozambique

Travelers looking for destinations off the beaten path were enamored with our hidden gem category. Bazaruto Islands located in Mozambique off the southeast coast of Africa, edged out the competition with 41 percent of the vote. Voters couldn’t resist the sparkling blue waters and past-times, like scuba diving, snorkeling and sandboarding.

Favorite Wide Open Spaces Experience

4×4 Dune Bashing in Dubai 

Dubai saw an influx of Black travelers in recent years, and we can in part thank social media for that. Videos of influencers dune bashing, which is riding a 4×4 or ATV over the sand dunes, went viral on social media. Thrill seekers chose this wide open spaces experience, capturing a whopping 51 percent of the vote in Travel Noire Awards.

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