Apps are not going anywhere and as more get added to the deluge out there, travel is one area that has seen an influx of helpful tools on the go. Here are ten of my favorite iPhone travel apps:

packing-app_3001. Packing (+To Do) – This elaborate app creates customized lists for both big and small trips. You can even add the weight values of your items if you want to track and monitor your luggage weight limit. This app can also come in handy in case you lose you luggage as you have a list of all your valuables.. Cost: $0.99

hearplanet2. HearPlanet – This is akin to having a knowledgeable local in your pocket at all times. The app turns your iPhone into an audio tour guide. Learn about your surroundings just about anywhere — the app includes some 300,000 locations around the globe. Cost: $2.99

trippo-voice-translator-plus-383. Translator plus Speech – This app is great if you’re travelling to a place where you don’t speak the native language. Plus, it accomplishes more than your average pocket translator — it will read out your translations in 40 different languages. The app does require Wi-Fi or 3G, which can be a problem when roaming. Cost: FREE

waze_big4. Waze – As much as GoogleMaps remains a powerful force on the navigation front Waze is uite comparable. Not only does it provide directions when driving, but it provides a chic color-coded interface that provides real-time traffic information. Cost: FREE

gasbuddy-free-app-150x1505. GasBuddy – If you are road tripping, then this is the app for you. It is the supreme app that lets you locate the cheapest gasoline in your location. Cost: FREE

xe-currency-free-app-150x1506. XE Currency – This easy-to-use currency converter provides real-time conversion rates, so you can make sure you’re not losing too much money when exchanging cash. You can also use the app to calculate how much of your native currency you’re spending as you shop abroad. Cost: FREE

SitOrSquat7. Sit or Squat – No need to roam in terror wondering where you can use the Lu. Especially if you’re traveling with little ones. This app maps out all public restrooms near your location so you won’t have an accident.. Cost: FREE

tripit-free-app-150x1508. TripIt – Do you frequently find yourself scrambling through your inbox, searching for travel confirmation emails? If so, this app can make travelling a lot less painful by organizing all your reservations into easily retrievable itineraries. The app recognizes confirmation emails from more than 3,000 services — all you need to do is forward your messages. Cost: FREE

Unknown9. Flipagram – This new cool app helps you bring your travel tales to life! You can create short video stories from your photos, set to any music you love!  Cost: FREE

wifi-finder-free-app-150x15010. WiFi Finder – Desperately need to use the internet? Want to stay abreast of your social networks while traveling? This app helps you locate the nearest Wifi signals and will give you directions to them. (Gold mine!) Cost: FREE

What apps do you use when you travel that could be added to our list? Let us know!