Imagine being on vacation and making a TikTok video at the Airbnb you rented. In the middle of the video you’re creating, a neighbor comes in without notice because you and the crew are being too loud.

That’s exactly what the scenario was for a group of friends visiting Tulum. They were startled when the neighbor barged through the door telling them to quiet down.

The friends were making a video around 4 in the morning.

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But the neighbor had enough. Once inside, he yelled, “this is the third night in a row and I can’t sleep because of you.” He adds “shut the f**k up” before exiting.

This wasn’t the first rodeo between the group of friends and the neighbor.

They accidentally walked into his apartment four times during their stay and almost got kicked out according to the tweet below.

Airbnb Noise Debate

The video has been seen over a million times and sparked a lot of debate on social media about who was in the wrong. What are your thoughts?

Some Twitter Users Are Siding With The Neighbor

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Some people are siding with neighbors, stating that their actions are simply rude and unacceptable.

Airbnb Noise Debate

Airbnb Noise Debate
Airbnb Noise Debate

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Some People Are Siding With The TikTokers

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Airbnb Noise Debate

A Majority Of People Are Concerned The Door Isn't Locked

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Airbnb Noise Debate

Airbnb Noise Debate

Airbnb's Noise Policy

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Airbnb prohibits guests from creating a disturbance where they are staying.

Airbnb’s latest policy prohibits gatherings of more than 16 people and what they describe as all “disruptive parties and events.”

Anyone who violates this could face suspension or removal from the platform.