Belize is the “Jewel in the heart of the Caribbean basin” located south of Mexico and is the perfect location for an adventurous vacation. Belize has a rich history and many cultural influences that are represented in the country’s excursions. While Belize is a relatively new and smaller country, what it may lack in so-called traditional tourist attractions, it makes up for with incredible biodiversity, culture and adventure. Belize is the spot for cultural exploration, beautiful beach towns, natural wonders and unique adventures.

Whether you want to just chill at the beach, take a culturally rich excursion or get your shop on, Belize has plenty of options. Plan your trip to Belize, a quaint yet cozy country that is known for its lack of crowds and beautiful wildlife.

Explore The Altun Ha Ruins 

The Altun Ha ruins provide an adventurous thing to do in Belize. The site requires some inclined hiking to explore the culture of Belize.

Located around 30 minutes north of Belize City, the Altun Ha Ruins site in Belize is a beautiful place to visit for those who packed their tennis shoes and want to experience a scenic cultural excursion. With steep inclines and plenty of stairs, the ruins in Belize are a great outdoor activity for those looking to keep in shape during vacation. The Altun Ha Ruins deliver a gorgeous reward for those that take on the site, which sits just at three square miles. 

There are even Altun Ha tours that delve into how the Mayans invented making chocolate from Cacao nuts sourced from Belizean lands. Accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide who can highlight the historical importance of the Altun Ha Mayan ruins, it takes about one and a half hours to hike to the top of the structures and explore everything there is to see. 

Experience San Pedro’s Lively Culture

San Pedro is the home of plenty of exciting things to do in Belize! Enjoy a beach bar at your leisure or take a swim.

As the most popular tourist town in Ambergris Caye, which is the largest island off the coast of Belize, San Pedro is the perfect place to have an affordable beach stay. With its sandy shores, beautiful accommodations and cool ocean-front breeze, San Pedro provides a relaxing vacation experience. 

Enjoy the Carribean sun, fresh seafood and lounge in beach clubs in San Pedro. The town’s reef is a hub for aquatic excursions like diving and sailing but also is a nice place to sit back and relax. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Belize Chocolate Company are popular stops in town that can be paired with informational tours or enjoyed a la carte.

Exceptional Nature Excursions In Belize

The howler monkey is among the many different animals travelers can see if they take a nature excersion in Belize.

Belize has many sites that are perfect for the nature enthusiast. The Monkey River and The Inland Blue Hole and St. Herman’s Cave both provide unique experiences that can be leisurely enjoyed. 

Monkey River is a conservation area that hosts howler monkeys, manatees, and tropical birds and reptiles. After arriving at Monkey River Village, visitors can enjoy a four mile upstream boat ride through the jungle where they can spot wildlife. Once the jungle trail spot is reached, a guide will lead visitors through the trail where they can hear howler monkeys and observe medicinal plants throughout the area.

The national eco-tourism park, The Inland Blue Hole and St. Herman’s Cave, spans 500 acres and is a gorgeous turquoise swimming spot. Home to diverse bird species and native plants, this location attracts visitors that enjoy cave tubing, zip lining, hiking or picnicking. At the 25-foot deep swimming hole, visitors can relax in cool waters or explore the nearby and immense underground cave system with a guide. 

Culinary Adventures

Fresh ingredients are a part of Belize's appeal, which can be enjoyed during culinary experiences.

Belize is a wonderland for culinary enthusiasts interested in ethically sourced cuisine. The country is home to the second largest barrier reef and has an abundance of marine life sourced locally. The reef is a natural asset that is highlighted by Belize’s Spanish, West African, and Indigenous culinary influences and thriving culinary heritage. 

Placencia Village’s food scene hosts walking food tours, hands on cooking classes and even rum master classes and beach side coffee experiences. There are also private food tasting tours available in Belize City that explore city landmarks and local flavors. Get a fresh coco-loco drink cut and prepared in front of your eyes before perusing Belize City, the commercial capital and robust hub for travelers.

These adventurous attractions can serve as the perfect day trips during your visit to Belize. Take some time to appreciate the culture and nature of Belize while you are within its borders.