Experience More Than The Beach When In Belize With These Five Attractions
Photo Credit: BLACK HOWLER (Alouatta caraya)

Photo Credit: BLACK HOWLER (Alouatta caraya)

Experience More Than The Beach When In Belize With These Five Attractions

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Oct 30, 2019

Belize may be a tiny country but there are lots to do to fuel your curiosity and adventurous side. This Central American nation is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and food, making it an interesting vacation destination. Although the official language is English, many of the locals speak Spanish, Kriol, Maya, or Garifuna. 

Of course while in Belize, relaxing at the beach and eating great food is a must, but here are five attractions that will have you on your toes.

Visit Mayan Ruins

Caracol, located on the border of Belize is great for a less crowded Mayan ruins experience. You will be able to climb the highest pyramid and take in amazing views of nearby Guatemala. 

To get to Caracol, it is recommended to hire a tour guide or rent a 4×4.

Another ruin to visit is Altun Ha, located 30 miles from Belize City. The stone Mayan structures will draw you in and you’ll even be able to climb to the top of the 54 ft. tall central temple.

Lastly, visit the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich, located near San Ignacio, one of the prime places to stay in Belize. These ruins are one of the top attractions in the country and are accessible by taking a bus and walking or hiring a taxi. 

Head To A Monkey Sanctuary

The Community Baboon Sanctuary is located close to Belize City and contrary to its name, has howler monkeys. Tours are available or you can rent a car to visit the sanctuary. 

The preservation of the sanctuary is the work of eight villages that come together to protect the howler monkeys so they can live in their natural habitat.

Experience The World’s Most Sacred Cave

According to National Geographic, Actun Tunichil Muknal is the #1 sacred cave in the world. 

All visitors have to be accompanied by a licensed tour guide and prices aren’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it. The tours are about 8-hours long and will cost around $100 per person. 

Snorkel With Sharks And Stingrays

Embark on a day trip snorkeling where you can swim amongst sharks and stingrays. Most tours will provide snorkel equipment as well as snacks, rum punch and access to the Marine Reserve.

Spend A Day At The Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo is unlike other zoos. All of the animal species living in the zoo are native to Belize and therefore living in their natural climate. 

The 45 species of animals housed at the Belize Zoo are not able to survive in the wild which resulted in them being orphaned by the zoo. 

The zoo does work to rehabilitate animals and they release them back into the wild once the animals are healthy enough. 

You can take a bus from Belize City going towards Benque and just request that the driver let you off at the Belize Zoo. 

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